Germany hospitals threatened with insolvency due to energy crisis

September 21, 2022, 11:50 am

BERLIN – German hospitals are warning of insolvencies as extreme increases in energy prices and high inflation make it impossible for clinics to continue operations, local media reported on Tuesday.

The German Hospital Federation chairman Gerald Gass told the Nordkurier newspaper that clinics would not be able to pass on the increased costs, and some of them may be forced to put down in the coming months.

Up to 40 percent of hospitals were at risk of insolvency, according to a snap survey commissioned by the DKG. The survey also revealed that 60 percent of the hospitals have already moved into red figures.

The situation would become even worse in the coming year, Gass warned.

According to the German Hospital Federation, the latest figures show that the shortfall for 2023 is already €10 billion (USD10 billion).

The organization is demanding that the state compensates for inflation to offset the sharp rise in expenditures.

It also warned that the staffing situation in hospitals is tight.

Currently, 87 percent of hospitals cannot rule out having to close some wards temporarily. And almost 80 percent assume that they will have to postpone or cancel scheduled operations and procedures in the fall due to staff shortages. (Anadolu)