DRUG CLEARED. The Regional Oversight Committee Barangay Drug Clearing board convenes on Monday (Sept. 26, 2022) at the Barangay 36-D Hall, Poblacion, Davao City, to validate the required documents submitted by 14 applicant barangays that were eventually declared as drug cleared barangays. Currently, a total of 81 barangays in Davao City have been declared as drug cleared. (Photo courtesy of PDEA-11)

DAVAO CITY – Eighty-one of 182 barangays here are declared as drug-cleared, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency in the Davao Region (PDEA-11) said Tuesday.

In an interview, PDEA-11 spokesperson Noli Dimaandal said the latest to join the drug-cleared areas in the city were 14 villages on Monday.

He said the Regional Oversight Committee Barangay Drug Clearing (ROCBDC) led by PDEA-11 together with representatives from the Department of the Interior and Local Government, Police Regional Office-11, Department of Health, and local government units convened and validated the required documents submitted by the 14 applicant barangays.

The newly declared drug-cleared barangays are 36-D, Talomo River, Gumalang, Alambre, Tungkalan, Balengaeng, Biao Escuela, Los Amigos, Manuel Guianga, Matina Biao, New Valencia, Tacunan, Tagakpan, and Talandang.

Dimaandal said the barangays have satisfactorily complied with the requirements set by Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) Regulation No.3, Series of 2017, and PDEA Memorandum Circular No. 2020-041.

“The ROCBDC, upon deliberation, unanimously found and concluded to formally declare the14 barangays as drug cleared,” he said.

In identifying a drug cleared barangay, Dimaandal said there must be no availability of drug supply, absence of drug transit and drug shipment activity, no laboratories, no chemical warehouse, no marijuana cultivation sight, no drug den resort, no drug pusher, user, and protector.

Apart from that, Dimaandal said the barangay must also be active in their involvement in anti-drug activities.

“These are the parameters set by the DDB before declaring a barangay drug cleared,” he said. (PNA)