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MANILA – The Philippine National Police (PNP) on Tuesday said it is taking a more holistic approach to its illegal drugs campaign as ordered by President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.

Marcos earlier said he will continue the law enforcement approach of the past administration of former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte but in a "more focused away".

"We will adjust. Let us adjust on focus. Let us also look at prevention. Educate our young people – that this is the end, this will get you to jail, this will kill you,” he said in a media interview.

Marcos added that the second part of this approach is the cure for drug addicts.

“We need to be more sensitive and sympathetic to those who were caught up in this lifestyle,” he said.

PNP deputy chief for administration and officer-in-charge Lt. Gen. Jose Chiquito Malayo said the organization is learning the best method to pull the victims out of this culture and closely work with other agencies in the rehabilitation of identified drug users in every community.

“Tulong-tulong tayo para mailigtas mula sa pagkalugmok sa droga ang ating mga kababayan (Let us help each other to save our countrymen from drug addiction. While we ensure that there is extensive operations against major drug dealers, we also would like to look at this approach in a holistic manner,” Malayo said.

The President underscored the importance of going after key drug players to be able to make an actual difference.

“The rationale is no matter how much we halt drug activities on the ground, drug supply will always be there if these major operators remain untouched. The PNP makes sure that intelligence gathering is thorough and rigid to carefully identify these personalities,” Malayo said.

Meanwhile, over the past week, a quick look at the crime environment based on crime incidents collated from 17 Police Regional Offices (PROs) nationwide for the weeks covering Sept. 12-17 and Sept. 18-23 this year, shows graphical presentation of increase and decrease of Peace and Order Indicator (POI) which include Index Crime Volume (including Focus Crimes) and Non-Index Crime Volume for the comparative period.

Overall, it is notable that Peace and Order Indicator went down by 2,515 or 49.47 percent from 5,084 compared to 2,569 in the previous period.

Likewise, POI decreased nationwide: Luzon by 50.86 percent; Visayas by 55.30 percent; and Mindanao by 40.53percent.

Similarly, the Index Crimes went down by 153 or 29.20 percent from 524 compared to 371. Index Crimes decreased in Luzon by 28.39 percent; Visayas by 31.86 percent; and Mindanao by 28.72 percent.

Significantly, an overall decrease of 151 or 29.04 percent was posted comparing the same period for focus crimes.

Apparent is the decrease nationwide: Luzon by 28.03 percent; Visayas by 31.25 percent; and Mindanao by 29.79 percent.

Overall, it is notable that Non-Index Crimes went down by 2,362 or 51.80 percent from 4,560 to 2,198. Apparent is the decrease of Non-Index nationwide: Luzon by 53.73 percent; Visayas by 57.92 percent; and Mindanao by 41.57percent.

In general, the crime situation for the period in review is peaceful and manageable. A slight increase in physical injury incidents can be observed but there are no trends that may be considered an emerging situation. (PNA)