FUNERAL HOME. The first funeral home named "Lamayan ng Bayan," which offers an alternative for those who cannot afford funeral services for their loved ones, opens on Monday (Oct. 3, 2022) in Barangay Talomo, Davao City. Rodrigo Duterte II, the son of 1st District Rep. Paolo Duterte, leads the turnover of the building to barangay officials. (Photo courtesy of Rep. Paolo Duterte's Office)

DAVAO CITY – Poor residents in this city can now access the "Lamayan ng Bayan," the first funeral home to offer a free and accessible venue for those who cannot afford decent funeral services for their loved ones.

This came after 1st District Rep. Paolo Duterte's son Rodrigo Duterte II led the turnover of the facility Monday at Royal Valley Bangkal in Barangay Talomo here.

Aside from the funeral building, a gymnasium was also turned over to the barangay.

"I am glad to be part of the turnover of the Lamayan ng Bayan (public funeral home) and the gym through the efforts of Congressman Paolo's staff," Duterte II said.

The newly-built gymnasium, on the other hand, will be utilized for crowd gatherings, assemblies and activities of the barangay and other local government agencies.

Along with the structures, the lawmaker's office also donated tents to the barangay.

Engr. Bendor Calamba, the Talomo village chief, thanked Duterte II and the 1st Congressional District Office staff for the programs and projects provided to the village.

"Rest assured that all your support to the barangay will reach thousands of people," Calamba said in the vernacular.

Duterte II said similar projects are set to be turned over to other areas under the first district of the city. (PNA)