CHINA MARKET. Abel James Monteagudo, regional director of the Department of Agriculture in the Davao Region, says Tuesday (Oct. 4, 2022) the agency remains optimistic that the China market will soon welcome the “Puyat” durian variety to their country. He says the enormous demand from China would benefit local growers, but would not result in decreased supply locally. (PNA photo by Che Palicte)

DAVAO CITY – The Department of Agriculture in the Davao Region (DA-11) is optimistic that the China market will soon welcome the local "Puyat" durian variety, after a group of inspectors from China visited various farms in the region to evaluate their good agricultural practices.

In a press briefing Tuesday, DA-11 Director Abel James Monteagudo said the visit of the General Administration Customs of the People’s Republic of China in August would pave way for local durian growers to further expand their market.

“We are No. one in the country in terms of durian production, and we are optimistic to be given a chance to export in the Chinese market,” Monteagudo said.

Considering China's sizable market, Monteagudo said an almost unlimited supply of the "Puyat" durian variety could be in demand.

“We will just have to wait for their decision, and we hope and pray that we passed their standards. We can export our Puyat variety in their country next year,” he added.

Data from the DA-11 showed that the volume of durian production in 2020 stood at 60,675 metric tons (MT) and 57,283 MT in 2021, or a 5.59 percent decrease.

However, the region remains the top producer in the country, with a national contribution of 77.5 percent.

Monteagudo assured that despite the huge market in China, the country will still have a sufficient supply of durian.

“They only want the Puyat variety, and we still have a lot of varieties here. There are also durian supplies coming in here from North Cotabato, Caraga, and other provinces,” he explained. (PNA)