LOWER FUEL SURCHARGE. Air travelers can expect a lower fuel surcharge (FSC) for the whole month of November. From Level 9, a Level 8 FSC will be observed for that period, according to the Civil Aeronautics Board. (PNA file photo by Cristina Arayata)

MANILA – Lower fuel surcharge will be implemented from November 1 to 30, as the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) downgraded the FSC from Level 9 to Level 8 for that period.

At Level 8, fuel surcharge for a one-way domestic ticket ranges from PHP253 to PHP787. For an international flight, the rate ranges from PHP835.05 to PHP6,208.98.

CAB has been implementing Level 9 fuel surcharge since September. This means fuel surcharges range from PHP287 to PHP839 per passenger of domestic flights; and from PHP947.39 to PHP7,044.27 for international flights originating from the Philippines.

The price of jet fuel averaged PHP42.87 per liter from September 10 to October 9, which corresponds to Level 8 of the FSC matrix, the CAB said in an advisory.

"This piece of good news comes at a time when we are increasing flight capacity across our domestic and international route networks," PAL spokesperson Cielo Villaluna told the Philippine News Agency on Wednesday.

She added that PAL is pleased to comply with and implement the adjusted fuel surcharges to tickets that will be bought in November.

AirAsia Philippines, in a statement, said it is expecting the new fuel surcharge rate to further drive the demand.

The downgrading to Level 8 highly benefits guests traveling during the holiday season, as the carrier forecast an average of 90 to 95 percent domestic load factor this fourth quarter, it said.

CAB said airlines wishing to impose or collect the FSC must file an application to the Office of the Deputy Executive Director on or before the effectivity period.

For the FSC to be collected in equivalent currency, the CAB said the applicable conversion rate is USD1 is to PHP58.05. (PNA)