ABU DHABI – The ADNEC Group and Emirates News Agency (WAM) have announced that the Innovate Stage will take place this year as part of the inaugural Global Media Congress on Nov. 15-17.

In a new release, the group said the Innovate Stage will be a unique feature of the Global Media Congress where some of the world’s most interesting startups in technology, media and content will showcase their products and services to the global media industry.

The Global Media Congress, organized by ADNEC Group in partnership with WAM, will see an exhibition and specialized conference that focuses on the latest developments and future of the media sector.

The event provides opportunities for various media institutions to discuss partnerships and collaborative avenues that will bolster the development of the media sector, ensuring its long-term sustainability, and the continued provision of solid, reliable, and highly credible content.

Attendees will get to meet with emerging start-ups with innovative products such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality that they can integrate into their media organizations.

There will also be opportunities to meet start-ups in the media industry, such as content providers, media support products or emerging market news sites.

Start-ups have been invited to the Global Media Congress from some of the best start-up accelerators in the world.

“By participating in the Innovate Stage, attendees will learn from the world’s best start-up accelerators and investors, which is an opportunity to bring the best technology to the region. As the region develops its public and private media, there is an opportunity to empower it with the best emerging technology, and to become a global leader in how new technologies, such as virtual reality provide news and entertainment to people," Mohammed Jalal Al Raisi, WAM Director General said.

“We are excited to welcome our guests to the Innovate Stage which will see new ideas that will shape the future of the media industry,” he added.

For his part, Saeed Al Mansoori, CEO of Capital Events a subsidiary of ADNEC Group said: “ADNEC Group is proud to be showcasing so many insightful areas and features for the inaugural Global Media Congress that will befit the reputation of the UAE and Abu Dhabi. The Innovation Lab will offer the latest in innovation from high-level start-ups that are shaping the industry for future growth and will see new and exciting ideas along with the latest technologies."

As part of the event’s agenda, the Global Media Congress will host a conference, which is the first-of-its-kind in the Middle East, under the theme “Shaping the Future of the Media Industry”.

The three-day conference aims to unite the entire media sector to exchange groundbreaking ideas and cutting-edge solutions shaping the future of the industry.

It will also provide a unique platform to highlight the position of mass media in the Middle East whilst engaging a global audience, driving innovative visions and collaborations that will advance the sector.

The Philippine News Agency (PNA), the news wire service of the Philippine government, will participate in the first edition of the Global Media Congress. (PNA)