TARGET SURPASSED. The Bureau of Customs (BOC) Port of Clark again exceeds its collection target this month, with PHP287.59 million as early as Oct. 25 against its target of PHP278.50 million. This is the 10th straight month that the BOC-Port of Clark exceeded its revenue target. (Infographic courtesy of BOC-Port of Clark)

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, Pampanga – The Bureau of Customs (BOC)-Port of Clark has surpassed its October collection target, even a few days before the month's end.

BOC-Clark has exceeded its monthly target since January this year.

A report from the Collection Division showed that the port's revenue was already PHP287.59 million as early as Oct. 25, as compared with its target of PHP278.50 million.

“The Port of Clark hits the target with a surplus of PHP9,095,696.60, or a positive deviation of 3.27 percent, which is expected to increase until the end of the month,” District Collector Alexandra Lumontad said in a social media post on Wednesday.

The collection as of Oct. 25 alone is 12.33 percent higher than the actual collection of PHP256.03 million during the same period last year, showing the year-on-year growth of revenues in the port.

Lumontad said the BOC-Port of Clark’s positive revenue collection performance can be attributed to the collective effort of the personnel in strictly implementing customs rules and regulations to collect lawful revenues.

“Hitting the target was a result of collective efforts of our personnel, the strict implementation of customs rules and regulations, and the implemented systems and streamlined procedures boosting revenues and propelling trade facilitation efforts of the bureau,” she said.

Lumontad said the BOC-Port of Clark will further boost its revenue collection efforts to continuously hit its assigned monthly collection target.

“The Port of Clark, under the guidance of Commissioner Yogi Filemon Ruiz, will sustain its effort to improve the collection of revenues for the government in line with the directives of President Ferdinand R. Marcos,” she added. (PNA)