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MANILA – House Speaker Martin G. Romualdez on Monday expressed full support for the modernization of the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) as he vowed to push the passage of all measures seeking to upgrade and strengthen the academy that produces the country’s police officers.

Romualdez said the PNPA should be granted the right to determine its own policies, plans and programs without any pressure or influence.

He also committed to work for more benefits for cadets of the PNPA.

“In an increasingly globalized, highly advanced society, there is a need to modernize the PNPA and educate our police corps with new methods, so they may have the competency and expertise to deal with criminals employing new schemes and technology in the commission of a crime,” Romualdez said during flag-raising ceremony and Distinguished Visitors Program at PNPA Grandstand of Camp General Mariano N. Castañeda in Silang, Cavite.

He reminded the cadets that Filipino people rely on the PNP personnel to have a peaceful and secured environment.

Romualdez said police academy “must be given the autonomy to build infrastructure, acquire necessary equipment and reorganize administrative structures.”

“To boost the PNPA cadets’ morale, they should be awarded with benefits in case of disability, sickness, or even death, during training,” Romualdez added. “There are some measures that are almost unanimous in purpose which is to establish a PNPA corps of professors and instructors, and to create a system of faculty, placement, promotion and development.”

Most of the bills also seek to classify PNPA cadets as state scholars and treat their period of cadetship as part of their government service, he said.

Romualdez grabbed the opportunity during the occasion to commend the leadership of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the PNP for “doing a good job in booting out of service a few bad eggs in the police force.”

“Please continue with this noble mission and keep helping us eradicate corruption and unprofessionalism in public service. Let us all help President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. win the war against crime and illegal drugs,” he said.

He disclosed that Congress is allocating funds for anti-criminality intelligence, case recording and tracking, detection and investigation services, case filing and arrest, capacity building, operational readiness, and disaster and emergency response.

“We need all hands on deck. Let us all do our share in keeping our communities safe, and in making sure that every Filipino family is free from danger and harm,” he stressed

“If the PNP will succeed in hiring that many personnel, it will be the biggest in years,” he said.

He said the recruitment of the new policemen would bring to 227,410 the total number of uniformed PNP personnel.

The House leader expressed hope that the additional policemen and other officers would be “out there in the streets to keep our communities safe and secured, not in offices, but out in the streets.”

Other officials who attended the program included Rep. Roy Loyola of Cavite and PNPA officers led by Brig. Gen. Eric Noble, the academy’s acting director. (PNA)