MANILA – PrimeWater (PW) Mabalacat and Mabalacat City Water District (MCWD) will serve more consumers following the recent completion of the rehabilitation of the Camachiles Resettlement Center Pumping Station (CRC PS 2) in Mabalacat City, Pampanga.

Commissioned to meet the increasing demand for water supply in Barangay Camachiles, the redrilled CRC PS 2 has an estimated maximum yield of 25 liters per second or 2,160 cubic meters per day, with a well depth of 200 meters to fully penetrate the main and secondary aquifer layers.

"The CRC PS 2 redrilling project is not originally part of the Joint Venture (JV) Phase 1 project with Mabalacat City Water District (MCWD). But due to the urgent requirement, we have realigned PrimeWater's budget and given way for this project to make it happen this year. Based on the plan also, this pumping station is intended to supply one barangay only, but because it has a good yield, it can also supply even the population in nearby Resettlement Centers," said Cezar Ong, PrimeWater AVP for JV Operations.

Serving over 1,500 families, CRC PS 2 is connected to commercial power and equipped with a generator set in case there is an outage in Barangays Camachiles, Sapang Bayabas, and Mawaque, which collectively have a population of about 5,000 people.

"We are grateful to PrimeWater Mabalacat because the CRC PS 2 will greatly help our barangays. We hope that this won't be their last project and that more pumping stations will be upgraded so that Mabalacat City residents will live comfortably with enough water supply," Barangay Camachiles chairman Edgar Garcia.

Due to the adverse effects of climate change and the area's growing population, PW Mabalacat City and the MCWD will invest more in the upkeep of further pumping stations, the drilling of deep wells, and the discovery of alternative water sources to improve the water supply and meet the rising demands of their served areas. (PR)