SEARCH AND RESCUE Government rescuers are trying to find more victims as a landslide hit Cameroon's capital on Sunday (Nov. 27, 2022).  At least 11 people were initially reported dead.  (Anadolu)

ANKARA – At least 11 people who were attending a funeral ceremony died Sunday when a landslide hit Cameroon's capital, to local media.

The deadly incident occurred while people were gathered in the Damas neighborhood of Yaoundé to mourn members of their families who had died, said Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV).

The state broadcaster reported that Regional Governor Naseri Paul Bea arrived on the scene, while search and rescue efforts are underway.

CRTV also shared photos on Twitter from the scene where rescue workers were digging through the rubble aided by flashlights to reach victims. (Anadolu)