Twenty-eight people try to illegally cross Spain when an airplane flying from Casablanca to Istanbul makes an emergency landing on Wednesday (December 7, 2022) in Barcelona. (Anadolu)

OVIEDO, Spain – An airplane flying from Casablanca to Istanbul made an emergency landing in Barcelona Wednesday morning, and 28 passengers used the opportunity to illegally flee into Spain, according to the Spanish daily El Pais.

Authorities said they are still searching for 14 passengers who managed to flee, while others were caught and decided to return to the airport.

The plane made the emergency landing when a pregnant woman appeared to be going into labor.

She was rushed to a hospital in Barcelona, but doctors said she was not yet due to give birth.

According to El Pais, the woman has been detained for public disorder.

A similar incident occurred in November last year when a man pretended to go into a diabetic coma on another flight from Morocco to Türkiye.

That plane made an emergency landing in Mallorca, and more than 20 passengers rushed off the plane.

They were eventually caught and are facing serious charges, including sedition.

Last week, another migrant made an inventive attempt to cross into Spain, using a paraglider to soar over the border fence separating Spain and Morocco.

The last police update suggested that Spanish authorities have yet to apprehend the individual behind that stunt. (Anadolu)