DAVAO CITY – The Department of Trade and Industry in the Davao Region (DTI-11) has intensified its monitoring of Noche Buena products following the issuance of the latest price guide on November 23.

In a statement Friday, DTI-11 head Maria Belenda Ambi said they are continuously visiting stores and establishments in the region to monitor the prices, especially Noche Buena items, to ensure that the suggested retail prices (SRPs) are strictly enforced.

She said the prices of pasta, cream, spaghetti sauce, fruit cocktail, cheese and queso de bola have increased significantly.

“Compared with 2021, the prices of Noche Buena products this year have increased by at least 10 percent. This can be attributed to the high oil prices, which affected the manufacturing and raw material costs,” Ambi said.

The DTI said Noche Buena products are not categorized as Basic Necessities and Prime Commodities (BNPCs) under the Republic Act (RA) No. 75181, as amended by RA No. 10623.

“This serves as the price guide of commonly purchased ingredients and food products served during Christmas and New Year,” Ambi said.

She also encouraged consumers to be attentive to the prices, labels and expiration dates when buying their groceries for their protection.

“Consumers are also reminded that December is a peak season for shopping; hence, they should shop early and have their own list before going to the stores to avoid the holiday rush,” Ambi said.

She advised business establishments to follow the prescribed SRPs of products as overpricing “will be acted upon accordingly.” (PNA)