Chinese firm helps PH’s economic dev’t with 70 built projects

December 29, 2022, 5:27 pm

MANILA – Energy China has so far built and operated nearly 70 projects, including power stations, power networks, hydraulic engineering and communications in the Philippines, making active contributions to the country’s economic and social development.

In its recently released report entitled “Energy China Serves the Philippines Sustainable Development Report 2021,” Energy China said the projects cover areas such as energy supply, green energy, infrastructure upgrading and promotion of clean sources of water and employment.

The report elaborated on the company’s dedication to the Philippine market over the past several decades, as well as its pursuit of sustainability in management and practice.

With a special focus on China-Philippines cooperation and development, the report has four sections under the following themes: scientific management and value creation, promoting economic growth and improving people’s livelihoods, environmental protection, and green development and serving communities and creating a better future.

The report systematically summarizes the active contributions Energy China has made in its responsible governance and business practices, advancing economic growth, guaranteeing people’s well-being and interests, and promoting green development.

The report also introduced the achievements the company has made in fulfilling its economic, environmental, and social responsibilities, as well as in its sustainable development strategy in the Philippines, demonstrating Energy China’s international image as a responsible company that improves the well-being of residents and maximizes benefits it can bring to the local community in the fields of the economy, society and environment.

Since it started to carry out business collaboration in the Philippines 25 years ago, Energy China has always adhered to the new development concept, and stayed true to its mission of “Bringing Energy to the World”.

It has been committed to promoting the economic and social progress of the Philippines and achieved self-improvement while fulfilling its responsibilities, winning widespread recognition and earning a good reputation from all strata of society in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, Energy China offered timely aid to the Philippines multiple times when the latter was in difficult times.

It has helped the country respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, provided post-disaster support to the country and promoted infrastructure construction in the local communities, and has been actively involved in charity activities, supported education and provided voluntary services in the country.

“The local governments in the Philippines have spoken highly of some projects undertaken by Energy China. They commended Chinese equipment, technologies and standards and praised the Northeast No. 1 Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. (NEPC) for its sincerity in honoring commitments and the spirit of craftsmanship it has upheld during the construction of projects,” Energy China said in a news release on Thursday.

It added that the LGUs also expressed willingness to further strengthen the China-Philippines economic cooperation, support the construction of more projects and conduct cooperation with Chinese enterprises to boost the local economy and benefit the local people.

“Energy China will make continual progress in promoting cooperation and development and join forces to create a beautiful future. It will continue to work with its partners in the Philippines and devote greater enthusiasm and energy to the development of the country,” the company said.

The company will also continue to contribute to the social and economic development of the local community, strive to build a beautiful, harmonious and shared society; promote cooperation and mutual benefits; enhance cultural exchanges and people-to-people bonds; and create a more beautiful future. (PNA)