CLEANUP DRIVE. Some 200 individuals, including military troops, local officials and students participate in a cleanup activity along Sabang beach in Baler, Aurora on Tuesday (Jan. 10, 2023). The move aims to encourage and raise awareness of the importance of environmental sanitation and cleanliness. (Photo courtesy of the Army's 91IB)

BALER, Aurora – Some 200 volunteers from various sectors in this province took part in a cleanup activity along Sabang Beach here on Tuesday.

The move aims to raise awareness of the importance of environmental sanitation and cleanliness.

Lt. Col. Julito B. Recto Jr., commander of the Army’s 91st Infantry Battalion, said about five trucks of both recyclable and residual wastes were collected in the one-day cleanup drive.

“This activity aims to save our natural resources, which in the future will benefit us and the generations to come. Hence, there is a need for us to keep our surroundings clean so as not to pollute our water sources and put our health and environment in grave danger. Baler beach is the birthplace of surfing in the Philippines and we should maintain its natural beauty,” Recto said in an interview.

He also encouraged the public to promote waste reduction and create public awareness of waste management and environmental concerns.

“Let us support our government in finding ways and means to protect and serve our environment. Let us work to identify and eliminate eyesores, and beautify the local environment. Let us do beach clean-up to attract more tourists and raise public awareness on environmental care and protection,” Recto said.

He cited the need to take care of the coastal beaches since this province is known for surfing and its natural beauty. (PNA)