(Anadolu photo)

MANILA – President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. will reaffirm the country’s commitment to peace in his meetings with European Union (EU) leaders in Switzerland.

The President made this remark when asked if he would have a phone call conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

"I have no problem with talking to President Zelenskyy, especially now that mainit na ang giyera doon sa kanila (there is ongoing war there). So of course, we are... again on the side of peace, and that remains the same,” Marcos said in an interview en route to Davos.

"Any expressions of support that he might feel is needed, we are happy to provide it,” the chief executive pointed out.

When asked by the press if the Philippine government will support the so-called 10-point peace formula to end the conflict in Ukraine, the President said: "That’s not for us to decide.”

“Should there be talks... between Ukraine and Russia, sila mag-uusap tungkol diyan (they should talk about it). We support any effort towards peace, anything basta’t matigil ang patayan, matigil ang giyera (for as long as killing and war will stop),” Marcos said.

“Tapos kung papaano nila gagawin, what will they do with the territories that have changed stance, et cetera, that is really clearly between the two countries,” the President pointed out.

Zelenskyy earlier laid out a 10-point peace plan for peace, which included the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine and cessation of hostilities, confirmation of the end of the war, and the release of prisoners and deportees, among others. (PNA)