DOST S&T Fellows Program opens 33 slots 

By Ma. Cristina Arayata

January 20, 2023, 6:09 pm

<p>(<em>Photo courtesy of DOST</em>)</p>

(Photo courtesy of DOST)

MANILA – A total of 33 slots have been opened so far for the Department of Science and Technology's (DOST) S&T Fellows Program this year, the agency announced Friday.

S&T Fellows are researchers, scientists, and engineers assigned in various DOST research and development (R&D) Institutes and Councils to develop and implement R&D programs and projects.

They also participate in policy and funding development, and implement the monitoring and evaluation protocol to deliver innovative solutions.

"Since the program started in July 2021, we have engaged a total of 45 S&T fellows out of 340 applicants. They have undertaken R&D initiatives, programs, and projects that would deliver socio-economic impacts in the country," DOST Undersecretary Leah Buendia told the Philippine News Agency.

Buendia's office said more slots will be offered this year, but the DOST is yet to finalize the terms of reference for the positions.

The call for the initial 33 slots is open until Jan. 31. "This is just the beginning of many calls that we target to conduct within the year to fill all the vacant positions," said Buendia.

Master of Science and PhD graduates could fill in the following positions:

• 17 S&T Fellow I – at least 3 years of relevant R&D experience after MS graduation
• 11 S&T Fellow II – at least 5 years of relevant R&D experience after MS graduation
• five S&T Fellow III - PhD graduate with at least 10 years of relevant R&D experience

The S&T Fellow position is a full-time and contract of service (COS) position offering salary grades (SG) in accordance with the current Salary Standardization Law SSL5 fourth tranche plus 20 percent premium: S&T Fellow I (SG 23); S&T Fellow II (SG 24); S&T Fellow III (SG25).

Experts in the fields of radio frequency and wireless communications systems, blockchain technology, data and food science, environmental science, computer engineering, nanotechnology, material science and engineering, virology, geochemistry, health technology assessment or economics, are welcome to apply.

“I’ve always believed in the brilliance of our Filipino scientists and it is only fitting that we create opportunities and encourage them to work in the country. By encouraging our researchers, scientists, and engineers to work in the government, we are not only building a stronger workforce but also cultivating a rich scientific community dedicated to nation building," said DOST Secretary Renato Solidum Jr. in a statement.

Buendia, meanwhile, said some fellows they hired last year worked in the field of plant and animal virology implementing an early phase of projects related to the establishment of the Virology and Vaccine Institute of the Philippines. (PNA)