PTV anchor Joee Guilas (Photo courtesy of Joee Guilas)

MANILA – People's Television Network (PTV) anchor Joee Guilas was adjudged Best Male Newscaster at the PMPC 35th Star Awards for TV held last Saturday.

Guilas is the first from the government sector to win in that category in the 35 years of the Star Awards, according to Philippine Movie Press Club, Inc. (PMPC) Public Relations Officer Leony Garcia.

The PTV News Tonight anchor bested Arnold Clavio, Atom Araullo, Ivan Mayrina, among other famous faces in the category.

"News anchor Joee Guilas was cited for many reasons: his fluency in both English and Filipino, and versatility in news delivery, his body of work as TV personality coming from years of experience as TV reporter/researcher/anchor from RPN-9, ABS-CBN, & TV5, among others," PMPC President Fernan de Guzman said in a statement sent to the Philippine News Agency.

He added that Guilas made a mark both in Filipino and English news reporting in his two news programs at PTV.

"Despite doing a full-time job as corporate communication head of the country's premiere resort and hotel and other endeavors in between, Guilas proves the best in his first love as news anchor," de Guzman said.

The PMPC has been honoring the men and women behind TV programs through the Star Awards for TV, and the 35th edition consists of "the best of the best" for 2020 to 2021, according to Garcia.

"In recent years, especially at the height of the pandemic, people depend on television for entertainment, news, education, culture, weather, sports. Indeed, the boob tube is a powerful tool and is considered the main source of information for people, because it enables us to receive the latest news from all over the world," said de Guzman.

A dream 

Jose Edwiniel, or Joee, said it was his dream to become a broadcaster, and the chance to do the news is a reward in itself.

"Despite my already busy corporate life, I make it a point to really make myself available for the news every single night because it is my passion. I don't really go on-camera for the fame, the money or even the recognition television personalities usually get because of their jobs. I do the news because it allows me to be an instrument for people to be given the information that they need to make educated decisions in their lives," he told the PNA.

Guilas said he was shocked to be put side-by-side with some of the most recognizable names in the industry.

He did not expect to win, and targeted the Male Star of the Night award just so he won't go home empty handed after the ceremony. "My mind was so clear with its expectations from the event, reason why I even had to ask Pops and Aiko if they're sure their announcement was no fake news when I was announced as the winner," he said.

For Guilas, one has to ascertain his or her true love and passion to become a good announcer.

"Only when your love burns for something that you will be at your best every time you do it. Inspiration, motivation, commitment will all be there if you truly love something. If you love what you do, the pursuit of excellence will naturally follow, allowing you to shine brightly, which should be enough to turn you into a star." he said.

Guilas finished BS Economics from UP Diliman in 1989, and got hired in a bank as a Corporate Planning Analyst. Two years later, a good friend who was working in Noli de Castro's Magandang Gabi Bayan had to leave his job after passing the College of Law Exams in UP. He referred Guilas as his replacement. He also worked for ABC5 (now TV 5) and hosted a business show with Tina Monzon-Palma.

In 1997, Guilas was already getting offers from financial institutions to join them as PR or Corporate Communications head. He left broadcasting and began his corporate career that year.

"Despite all the material gains I made from the corporate world, my heart still longed for television," Guilas said. In 2019, while working as head of the Corporate Communications Group of Newport World Resorts (formerly Resorts World Manila), he expressed interest that he wanted to do television news again.

The company president gave Guilas his support and permission. Guilas has been the main anchor of PTV's late evening newscast, PTV News Tonight. (PNA)