LIFELINE FOR FILIPINOS. President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on Tuesday (Jan. 31, 2023) lauds the personnel of the Department of Social Welfare and Development for serving as the "lifeline for millions and millions of Filipinos." During its 72nd founding anniversary in Quezon City, Marcos thanked the DSWD for their "excellent" and "genuine" public service. (Screenshot from Radio Television Malacañang)

MANILA — President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on Tuesday heaped praises on the personnel of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) for rendering "excellent" and "genuine" public service.

In a speech delivered during the DSWD's 72nd founding anniversary in Quezon City, Marcos underscored the DSWD's crucial role in providing assistance to the Filipino people, especially those who belong to the vulnerable sectors.

"Today, we recognize and take pride in this institution's stability and reliability. For over 70 years, the DSWD has remained unwavering in its mission to improve the lives of every Filipino, especially those who are in distress, those who are in danger, and those who we can see are in disadvantage," Marcos said.

"Your dedication has proven vital to the success of this noble institution and this noble work that you do for our people. And that is why I enjoin the entire Filipino people in expressing our gratitude for your continued excellence in rendering public service," he added.

Marcos lauded the DSWD personnel's efforts and sacrifices, which he said were driven by their "faithfulness to service and a true genuine love for the Filipino people."

Hence, the DSWD deserves the "highest esteem and deepest appreciation," Marcos said.

"Through your efforts and sacrifices we have made inroads in reducing poverty, in reducing hunger, and towards achieving upper middle income status by 2025," he said. "I know these because I have witnessed you working long hours, making many sacrifices, even risking life and limb to give our people the service that they need, especially the vulnerable and the disadvantaged."

'Lifeline for millions of Filipinos'

Marcos also thanked the DSWD for serving as a "lifeline for millions and millions of Filipinos."

He called on the DSWD to continue strengthening the government's social protection initiatives, including the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, the unconditional cash transfer program and the social pension program.

"As we look at the future, I enjoin the DSWD once again and all government agencies to ensure that your services reach those in need wherever they may be. People should not need to travel to urban areas to access government services. That is why we must ensure that everyone, everywhere, will have access to the help and services that they need," Marcos said.

This year's celebration of the DSWD's founding anniversary carries the theme, "[email protected]: Kaagapay sa Pagbangon, Katuwang sa Bawat Hamon," giving recognition to the agency's workforce as champions of its brand of sincere and trusted public service, as well as the core strength of the institution in the performance of its mandate.

During the event, Marcos also led the inauguration of the department's multi-purpose building at the DSWD Compound in Batasan Hills in Quezon City.

In line with the DSWD’s commitment to ensure the occupational health and safety of its employees, the 693-square meter multi-purpose building was inaugurated to provide a venue for wellness and welfare programs of DSWD employees.

Built and donated by the Department of Public Works and Highways, the facility will also be used as processing area for those who will avail of the Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation, pending the construction of the DSWD’s Crisis Intervention Unit Building, to provide safe and comfortable space for its clients.

Marcos said the construction of the multi-purpose building would make the DSWD more "competent and dynamic."

"The inauguration of this structure underscores the department’s commitment to ensure the occupational health and safety as well as a general welfare of DSWD employees are put into the fore," he said. "With the latest developments that we welcome in your department, I am confident we can further boost the skills, provide you with multiple opportunities to promote your professional growth and strengthen your roles as public servants," he added. (PNA)