MANILA – The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) on Friday warned the public anew against individuals claiming to be CAAP officials or personnel asking for solicitations.

In a statement, CAAP said its officials and personnel "have never and will never solicit goods and/or money from any private person or entity."

Spokesperson Eric Apolonio said they have been receiving "many" reports about fraudulent solicitation in the last three months.

"These were reported attempts to solicit through our area managers. Just yesterday, a supplier received a solicitation text message, giving instruction to deposit money in the bank allegedly for Director General's account but under the name of a different person," he told the Philippine News Agency. 

According to CAAP, unscrupulous individuals were using CAAP Director General Manuel Antonio Tamayo's name in giving false bank information to solicit money.

The Authority urges the public to report to the CAAP any fraudulent activities and to remain vigilant.

All communications are done through CAAP's official channels, it added.

In November 2022, CAAP issued the same public warning against fraudulent solicitations.

At that time, Apolonio said two contractors claimed they were asked for cash donations. (PNA)