Palace echoes DOE: Save energy this summer

By Azer Parrocha

March 20, 2023, 5:17 pm

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MANILA – Malacañang on Monday echoed the call of the Department of Energy (DOE) to save energy and reduce power costs this summer.

In a Facebook post, the Presidential Communications Office (PCO) reminded Filipinos to be guided by the DOE’s tips to be more energy efficient.

“Malapit na naman ang panahon ng tag-init kaya mas kailangan natin pag-ibayuhin ang maayos at matipid na pagkonsumo ng kuryente sa ating mga bahay at workplace (Summer season is approaching, so we need to be more economical when consuming electricity in our homes and workplaces),” the PCO said.

The PCO also shared DOE’s infographic listing the five benefits of energy efficiency namely cost savings, community benefits, environmental benefits, resilience and reliability, and community benefits.

To cut down electricity costs, the DOE recommended making energy-efficient upgrades such as adding insulation, using light emitting diode (LED) lighting and installing a heart pump that reduces energy and can improve comfort.

"Energy-efficient buildings cost less to heat, cool and operate, while industry and manufacturing plants can make products at lower cost. Energy-efficient transportation results in fuel savings," the DOE said on its infographic.

The DOE said energy-efficiency programs improve community resilience and address energy equity by bringing efficient, cost-effective technologies and infrastructure to underserved communities.

"These communities are disproportionately affected by air pollution and have a higher energy burden, which is the percentage of gross household income spent on energy costs," the agency said.

The DOE further said reducing energy use is also essential in the fight against climate change because traditional power plants burn fossil fuels that release greenhouse gases and contribute to air pollution.

"Energy-efficient homes and buildings are also better equipped to switch to renewable energy, which does not produce harmless emissions," it said.

The DOE said energy-efficient improvements also reduce the amount of electricity on the grid at one time, known as load, minimizing congestion and stress on the US electric grid.

"Less load prevents power disruptions," it added.

The DOE also said reducing fossil fuel use results in cleaner air and land, all of which directly affect human health, especially those in marginalized communities and people with conditions that are exacerbated by pollution.

Energy efficiency is the use of less energy to perform the same task or produce the same result. Energy-efficient homes and buildings use less energy to heat, cool and run appliances and electronics, and energy efficient manufacturing facilities use less energy to produce goods.

Early this month, Finance Secretary Benjamin Diokno bared that the DOE is studying plans to adjust office hours in government agencies to 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. from Mondays to Thursdays and work-from-home setups on Fridays as part of efforts to save electricity.

Diokno said the DOE also proposed to keep the default temperature setting of air-conditioning units at 25 degrees Celsius. (PNA)