Training facility in Argentina renamed after Messi

ANKARA – The Argentine Football Federation (AFA) announced Saturday that it renamed its training facility after superstar Lionel Messi.

"A new recognition was consummated for our captain, who has already immortalized his figure based on goals, dribbling, assists, emotions, but now also with his name carved on the foundation stone of the new building that stands next to the entrance of the recognized first level property," AFA said in a statement.

“This Sports Housing Complex in Ezeiza from today will carry a new name: 'Lionel Andrés Messi,'" said President Claudio Tapia in a speech for the event.

After the president, Messi took the stage and said: "Thank you all very much for being here. I am grateful to 'Chiqui' (Tapia) for this recognition, it is very important to me. I have been coming to this property for 20 years and since I entered, I felt a very special energy. Until today, every, every time I enter, I feel a very particular energy in this property."

Messi, 35, led the national football team to their third World Cup title at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar in December. (Anadolu)