Rome's bid to host expo 2030 -- a truly European candidature

By Italian Ambassador Marco Clemente and European Union Ambassador Luc Véron


ROME, Italy – At the end of April, the world's top intergovernmental organization that oversees world exhibitions (Bureau International des Expositions - BIE) has visited Rome on a enquiry mission that will examine whether Italy and the Eternal City can successfully host the upcoming Expo 2030.

World Expos are among the most remarkable events of our time, providing an unparalleled opportunity for participating countries to showcase their identity, aspirations, progress, and technological achievements to the world. These global gatherings of nations are committed to finding solutions to pressing global challenges.

With this spirit in mind, Rome presented its candidacy to host Expo 2030 under the theme "People and Territories: Regeneration, Inclusion, and Innovation".

A leisure walk through the historic heart of Rome is all it takes to grasp why it has earned the well-deserved title of the Eternal City.

For nearly three thousand years, Italy's capital has exemplified continuity, adaptability to change, and reinvention of the past. Located in the center of the Mediterranean – a sea which spans across three continents –, Italy has always been a melting pot of ideas and talents from different cultures, even more so since the start of the European integration project.

It should be, thus, highlighted that supporting Rome's bid is not just about supporting Italy, but also the entire European Union, since the city is, in fact, the EU candidate for Expo 2030, with the full support of all EU Institutions.

The recent meetings, negotiations, and discussions on Rome's candidacy for Expo 2030 have revealed a growing international interest in the Eternal City as the ideal venue for this global event.

One of the compelling factors in favor of Rome's bid is the excellent financial plan offered by the Italian Government, which will enable emerging economies to participate and have their pavilions if our European bid wins.

From a financial perspective, supporting Rome Expo 2030 is also advantageous due to the sustainability plan of the project.

Rome Expo 2030 is not just designed for the six months of the Exposition; countries will have the opportunity to retain the space used for their pavilions even after the event's conclusion, creating a central hub for collaboration in the scientific, cultural, and economic fields with Italy and Europe.

This aspect is particularly interesting given the numerous fruitful collaborations that Italy has established with other countries in recent years, serving as an example of openness to Europe and the world as a whole.

Sustainability is a key focus of Rome’s bid, with a commitment to address global challenges such as climate change.

The Expo site will feature extensive use of solar panels, creating an energy infrastructure that will constitute Italy's first Net-Zero Carbon Community, capable of sustaining itself and providing energy to neighboring communities. This will serve as a model for a sustainable future.

Our motto is "one EXPO for all", as Rome presents an opportunity for the international community to engage in a multi-actor dialogue on global challenges and identify shared solutions.

It's a project that welcomes the participation of those who wish to be involved in imagining and realizing a more equitable, sustainable, and inclusive future, with a focus on placing human beings and their fundamental rights at the center, including the rights of workers involved in the project.

Another strength of Italy's candidacy is the respect for the criterion of geographical rotation, which other bids may not meet.

Recent editions of Expos have been held in Dubai, Doha, and the next one in Osaka, highlighting the need for geographic diversification to avoid concentration of global events in the same regions.

The special bonds that tie the Philippines to Europe and Italy, further strengthened by the presence of a numerous, well-integrated, and hardworking Filipino community in Italy, fills us with hope that Filipino visitors will continue to appreciate the countless attractions of the Eternal City and have the opportunity to experience a forward-looking Expo based on sustainability and inclusivity in Rome in 2030.

Let's move forward together towards Expo 2030 in Rome!