DICT warns liability of ‘registered SIM cards' online sellers

By John Rey Saavedra

May 16, 2023, 8:38 pm

CEBU CITY – The Department of Communications and Information Technology (DICT) in Central Visayas on Tuesday warned online sellers peddling “already-registered” subscriber identity module (SIM) cards using the Facebook social media platform of their future liability.

Frederick Amores, regional director of DICT, said their office in Cebu received reports about individuals who are selling SIM cards in the “Marketplace”, a sub-group in Facebook selling various commodities.

“Actually, we heard reports that there are people who opted to buy already registered SIM cards. In fact, I have heard stories that it has become an underground business,” Amores told reporters at the sideline of the Fiestartup 2023 press conference here.

He said peddlers who registered the SIM under their name should have realized that they become accountable as its owner.

Registered owners of SIM cards used in illicit transactions and activities would always face the danger of being held liable, he said.

He encouraged subscribers to buy their SIM cards in legitimate stores whose sales staff could provide assistance with the registration under the buyer’s name.

Meanwhile, Amores said he has observed more subscribers registering their prepaid SIM cards, after the DICT announced on April 27 that President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. has approved a 90-day extension.

“We are hoping that we will have a more substantial number of SIM registered by the time the extension ends. I think this is going to be the last extension. This may no longer be extended further,” he said, as he urged subscribers to not wait for the lapse of the extension before registering their SIM cards.

Republic Act No. 11934, the SIM Registration Act and commonly referred to as the SIM Card law, mandates the registration of all SIM cards before activation. (PNA)