(Photo courtesy of ANSA) 

ROME – Pope Francis spent a second quiet night at Rome's Gemelli hospital after undergoing abdominal surgery to fix a hernia caused by a 2021 operation on Wednesday, said the Vatican press office on Friday morning.

"More information later today," the press office added.

On Thursday evening the Vatican said Pope Francis had spent the day "resting" and that his "hemodynamic and respiratory parameters" were "stable".

"The post-operative course appears to be regular," said Vatican Spokesman Matteo Bruni, adding that the Pope had been fed a water diet and that he had received the Eucharist for the Feast of Corpus Christi in the afternoon.

The Pope also made a brief telephone call to the mother of a child he had baptised during a brief spell in Rome's Gemelli hospital at the end of March to thank her for well wishes sent by the family, Bruni added. (ANSA)