Maharlika fund to finance high-priority infra projects

By Anna Leah Gonzales

July 24, 2023, 6:49 pm

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MANILA – President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on Monday said the newly established Maharlika Investment Fund (MIF) would be used to fund high-priority projects.

"For strategic financing, some of the nation’s high-priority projects can now look to the newly established Maharlika Investment Fund, without the added debt burden," Marcos said in his second State of the Nation Address (SONA).

The MIF is the Philippines’ first-ever sovereign wealth fund designed to catalyze economic development by mobilizing government financial assets.

"In pooling a small fraction of the considerable but underutilized government funds, the Maharlika Fund shall be used to make high-impact and profitable investments, such as the 'Build Better More' program," Marcos said.

He said the gains from the Fund shall be reinvested into the country’s economic well-being.

To ensure sound financial management, Marcos assured that a group of internationally recognized economic managers shall oversee the operations of the Fund, guided by principles of transparency and accountability.

"This guarantees that investment decisions will be based on financial considerations alone, absent any political influence," Marcos said.

"The funds for the social security and public health insurance of our people shall remain intact and separate.”

The Department of Finance (DOF) earlier said the Fund can look into big-ticket infrastructure such as in green and blue projects, countryside development, and other employment-generating projects.

Key examples include public road networks, tollways, green energy, water, agro-industrial ventures, and telecommunications. (PNA)