Mexico against military option in settlement of Venezuelan crisis

MEXICO CITY, Aug. 13 -- Mexico does not consider military action asa possible measure toresolve the ongoing crisis inVenezuela, the country's Foreign Ministry said ina statement."The Mexican government, infull compliance withthe norms and principles ofinternational law contained inthe United Nations... Read More

Powerful 6.4-magnitude earthquake strikes off Indonesian Island

MOSCOW, Aug. 13 -- A powerful earthquake hit off the southwest coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra.A 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit offthe southwest coast ofthe Indonesian island ofSumatra, the data ofthe United States Geological Survey (USGS) showed Sunday.According tothe information, the quake... Read More

FBI opens probe into deadly car attack in Charlottesville

MOSCOW, Aug. 13 -- The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has commenced a civil rights probe into the deadly incident of a car ramming into the crowd of protesters in the US city of Charlottesville, Virginia, the public relations office of the FBI Richmond division said in a statement as quoted... Read More

Gas poisons over 360 in Iran

DEZFUL, Aug. 13 -- Chlorine gas leakage in a reservoir in the southwestern Iranian city of Dezful, Khuzestan Province, have left 362 with respiratory problems and intoxication.All hospitals in Dezful are on alert to present medical services to those affected.Many of people affected by the poisonous... Read More

At least 1 dead in car crash after violent rally in Virginia, US

WASHINGTON, Aug. 13 -- At least one person was killed in a multiple car crash following a violent white nationalist rally on Saturday in Charlottesville in Virginia, Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer said."I am heartbroken that a life has been lost here," said Singer on Twitter. "I urge all... Read More

25 Syrian rebels killed in blast near border with Jordan

DAMASCUS, Aug. 13-- Activists said on Saturday that 25 rebels were killed by a blast near the Syrian-Jordanian border.The slain rebels were from the Jaish al-Islam militant group and lost their lives when a blast targeted their position near the Nasib border crossing with Jordan a day earlier,... Read More

UN chief calls for calm after violence erupts following Kenya polls

UNITED NATIONS, Aug. 13-- UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Saturday called on Kenyan opposition leaders to address their disputes over the presidential election through legal means instead of violence."He (Guterres) calls on those political leaders disputing the election results to address... Read More

Trump to direct USTR to look into probing China's trade practices

WASHINGTON, Aug. 13 -- The U.S. administration said here on Saturday that President Donald Trump will direct on Monday the US trade representative (USTR) to determine whether to investigate China's trade practices, triggering concerns that Washington may take unilateral moves harming China-US trade... Read More

Mortar shell kills at least 16 civilians in Afghanistan

MOSCOW, Aug. 12 -- At least 16 civilians, including 10 children, were killed by a mortar shell in northwestern Faryab province of Afghanistan, Pajhwok news agency said, quoting the Dawlatabad district police chief Col. Niamatullah Tofan.According toTofan, the clash betweenthe security forces and the... Read More

Japan installs extra missile defense after N Korea threat to Guam

TOKYO, Aug. 12 -- The Japanese Defense Ministry on Saturday finished deploying Patriot missile defense systems in the country’s south in anticipation of North Korea’s possible strike on Guam, the state broadcaster NHK said.North Korea's military has said it plans tofire four medium-... Read More

Trump calls China’s Xi for talks on North Korea, Xi urges restrain

BEIJING, Aug. 12 -- US President Donald Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping had a late-night phone conversation on North Korea, Chinese state media reported Saturday.The two leaders exchanged opinions onthe current situation inthe Korean peninsula. President Xi stressed Washington and Beijing were... Read More

Trump to call for crackdown on China trade Monday

MOSCOW, Aug. 12 -- US President Donald Trump may announce a probe into China’s alleged intellectual property theft on Monday after repeatedly accusing Beijing of "unfair" trade practices, US media said.A government official confirmed toPolitico that Trump was going toinstruct US Trade... Read More

Trump: No talks with Maduro until democracy is back in Venezuela

WASHINGTON, Aug. 12 -- US President Donald Trump has been asked to have a phone conversation with Venezuela’s leader Nicolas Maduro and will gladly speak with him once democracy is restored in this South American country, the White House said Friday.The Trump administration said Washington... Read More

Venezuelan Defense Minister calls Trump's military action warning

MOSCOW, Aug. 12 --Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino said Friday that US President Donald Trump’s threat of military action was an act of craziness.Trump told reporters the United States would not rule outtaking military action againstVenezuela's President Nicolas Maduro, citing a... Read More

Pentagon denies receiving orders on military action against Venezuela

WASHINGTON, Aug. 12 -- The Pentagon has not been ordered to take military action on Venezuela, its spokesman said Friday, after President Donald Trump declared using force was an option.President Trump told a press conference the White House had "many options" forVenezuela where over120 people have... Read More

Violent protests Erupt in Kenya over contested presidential vote

MOSCOW, Aug. 12 -- Kenyatta’s long-standing rival Raila Odinga protested the result ofTuesday’s vote, which put Kenyatta ahead witha 9.4-percent lead, claiming the vote was rigged. International observers denied this.Members ofOdinga’s Luo ethnic group came outin force... Read More

Military action vs N. Korea should not be an option

WASHINGTON, Aug. 12 -- Military action should not be an option when confronting the problem of escalating tensions with North Korea, US Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney said in a statement.Maloney noted that Defense Secretary James Mattis has said that diplomatic efforts to contain North Korea are... Read More

US, Russia set date for plenary commission meeting

WASHINGTON, Aug. 12 -- A US-Russian commission will convene on November 7-9 for a plenary meeting dealing with American and Russian prisoners of war and those missing from Cold War conflicts.Taranov, deputy chief ofthe Russian Defense Ministry’s department tasked withkeeping alive the memory... Read More

Magnitude 5.6 quake kills 1, hurts 2 in Peru

MOSCOW, Aug. 12 -- One person was killed and two others injured after a strong earthquake hit off the Peruvian coast on Friday night, the governor of the affected region said.The quake measuring magnitude 5.6 struck the South Pacific nearthe city ofCamana inPeru’s Arequipa region at21:45 UTC,... Read More

Trump: US considering additional sanctions on North Korea

WASHINGTON, Aug. 12 -- Last week, the UN Security Council unanimously approved a resolution tightening sanctions againstthe country. Commenting onthe sanctions, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un promised totake decisive steps againstthe United States, including "physical actions.""We are considering... Read More