US sanctions 3 N. Korean officials over ballistic missile test

NEW YORK – The United States imposed sanctions Thursday on three North Korean officials in response to Pyongyang’s intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test last month and its weapons of mass destruction programs.The US Treasury Department identified those designated for sanctions... Read More

Ukraine prepares countermeasure vs. Russian intentions: Zelenskyy

ANKARA–Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Wednesday his country is analyzing Russia’s intentions and is preparing a significant countermeasure.“We are analyzing the intentions of the occupiers and are preparing a countermeasure -- an even more powerful... Read More

Switzerland braces for Christmas under dimmed lights

ISTANBUL – Christmas will not be as glittering as before in Switzerland under the shadow of compulsory energy-saving policies that could dim the holiday spirit.Like all European countries, Switzerland is tightening its belt to deal with a Russia-induced energy crunch during the winter, which... Read More

EU hints Twitter ban over content moderation

ANKARA –The European Union has warned Elon Musk that Twitter could face a ban unless its strict rules on content moderation are followed, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday.According to the leading financial daily, EU industry chief Thierry Breton issued the warning when he met with... Read More

Thousands of workers, lecturers, teachers in UK go on strike

LONDON – Thousands of British university lecturers, Royal Mail workers, and sixth-form college staff walked out Wednesday over salary disputes, pensions, and working conditions.The latest developments came after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak warned of a “challenging” winter ahead... Read More

Over 100 arrested for child exploitation in Canada

TRENTON, Canada – More than 100 residents in Canada face charges related to child exploitation following an investigation called "Project Maverick," police reported Wednesday.All 107 suspects reside in Ontario, and the investigation took place in October. At least 428 cases are being readied... Read More

Apple never considered removing Twitter app

WASHINGTON – Twitter owner Elon Musk said Wednesday that he had a “good conversation” with Apple chief executive officer (CEO) Tim Cook, noting they resolved a misunderstanding about Twitter possibly being pulled from the App Store.Sharing a video of a reflecting pool at the center... Read More

Heat pumps to bring energy security, climate benefits: IEA

ANKARA -- Worldwide sales of heat pumps are set to soar to record levels in the coming years as the global energy crisis accelerates their adoption, the International Energy Agency said in a new special report released Monday.The report titled, The Future of Heat Pumps, showed that heat pumps could... Read More

Ex-Chinese President Jiang Zemin passes away

BEIJING – Jiang Zemin passed away due to leukemia and multiple organ failure in Shanghai at 12:13 p.m. on Nov. 30 at the age of 96, it was announced on Wednesday.The announcement was made by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the Standing Committee of the National... Read More

3 dead, 27 injured in Pakistan’s suicide bombing

KARACHI, Pakistan – At least three people were killed and over 27 others, including 24 policemen, were injured when a suspected suicide bomber blew himself up near a police vehicle in southwest Pakistan on Wednesday morning, police and local media reported.The suspected bomber, who acted... Read More

6 China astronauts in 2 missions make historic gathering in space

BEIJING–The three astronauts aboard China's Shenzhou-15 spaceship entered the country's space station and met with another astronaut trio on Wednesday, a historic gathering that added the manpower at the in-orbit space lab to six for the first time.Chen Dong, the commander of the Shenzhou-14... Read More

China's traditional tea-making joins Unesco list

RABAT – China's traditional tea-making was added on Tuesday to the intangible cultural heritage list of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (Unesco).The item "Traditional tea processing techniques and associated social practices in China" passed the... Read More

Beijing to reduce hospital service interruptions amid Covid-19

BEIJING –Beijing authorities on Tuesday told hospitals to avoid closing important departments, such as emergency and maternity departments, even if they have been hit by coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) cases.Departments including emergency rooms, dialysis units, operating rooms, intensive... Read More

Anti-Semitic should not be elected as president, says Republican

WASHINGTON – A Republican senator said Tuesday that people advocating anti-Semitism should not be elected to government office.Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel made the statement as he criticized former president Donald Trump for meeting with white supremacist and anti-Semitism advocate... Read More

UN chief calls for action to avert disaster of biological weapons

UNITED NATIONS – UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday called for action in three areas to prevent the disaster of biological weapons.Guterres made the appeal in a video message to participants of the Ninth Biological Weapons Convention Review Conference in Geneva.The first area of... Read More

World's largest active volcano begins to erupt in Hawaii

WASHINGTON – Mauna Loa, the world's largest active volcano, began to erupt overnight, prompting authorities to open shelters "as a precaution" on Monday.The volcano, located on Hawaii's Big Island, has not erupted since 1984 when it emitted lava for over three weeks.Hawaii's Emergency... Read More

Elon Musk says Apple threatened to remove Twitter from app store

WASHINGTON – Billionaire Elon Musk alleged on Monday that Apple has threatened to remove Twitter from its app store.The Twitter CEO did not offer any evidence to substantiate his claim, which he made in a series of tweets assailing the tech giant, including for allegedly drawing down its... Read More

11 dead as landslide hits Cameroon’s capital

ANKARA – At least 11 people who were attending a funeral ceremony died Sunday when a landslide hit Cameroon's capital, to local media.The deadly incident occurred while people were gathered in the Damas neighborhood of Yaoundé to mourn members of their families who had died, said... Read More

Over 4K European doctors left UK's health services after Brexit

ANKARA – More than 4,000 European doctors have decided not to work with United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS), worsening the country's shortage of doctors after Brexit, recent research said.There are four specialties, including anesthetist, pediatric, cardiothoracic surgery and... Read More

Italy’s southern island under ‘emergency’ after massive landslide

ROME – Italian Prime Minister Griogia Meloni on Sunday declared a state of emergency in Italy’s southern island of Ischia following a massive landslide that left seven people dead so far while about 10 others remained missing and hundreds left homeless.The government provided €2... Read More