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DOH assists 301 persons during ‘Traslacion’

MANILA -- The Department of Health (DOH) reported that it has provided medical assistance to 301 persons who joined the procession of the Black Nazarene or the annual “Traslacion” in Manila as of 2 p.m. Tuesday.Of the figure, about 127 suffered cuts, puncture wounds and soft tissue... Read More

Red Cross issues safety reminders for 'Traslacion 2018'

MANILA -- As Traslacion 2018 is expected to be an event wherein minor and major injuries can happen, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) on Saturday issued some safety reminders to avoid untoward incidents especially for those who will be joining the Black Nazarene procession.Here are some of PRC safety... Read More

Day 15 of DOH firecracker injury watch: 20 hurt

MANILA – The health department reported another 20 firecracker-related injuries, five days after the New Year revelry, with the partial total now numbering 449 cases since December 21.According to the department’s Aksyon Paputok Injury Reduction 2017 Report No. 15, the figure is 421 or... Read More

PhilHealth to implement new premium rates this month

MANILA – Health Secretary Francisco Duque III announced Friday that the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth) will raise the premium contributions of its members starting January."Magtataas tayo ng (We will raise PhilHealth’s) premium contribution, 0.25 percent, effective... Read More

Alcohol may cause cancer by damaging stem cell DNA: study

LONDON -- Drinking alcohol may cause irreversible damage to the DNA of stem cells and increase the risk of developing certain cancers, a new study has revealed.Using genetically modified mice, British scientists found that acetaldehyde, a toxin produced as the body processes alcohol, can slice... Read More

DOH on the lookout for leptospirosis due to floods

MANILA -- The Department of Health (DOH) is anticipating a rise in the incidence of leptospirosis following the onslaught of three weather disturbances that have caused massive flooding in several regions across the country, an official said Thursday."Our hospitals are aware of a possible (increase... Read More

DOH reports 23 more injuries from firecrackers

MANILA -- The Department of Health (DOH) on Thursday recorded another 23 injuries from firecrackers, with three amputations, bringing to 429 the total number of injuries since surveillance began on December 21."This is 437 (50 percent) cases lower than the five-year (2012-2016) average and 196 (31... Read More

Duque warns vs. tetanus from firecracker injuries

MANILA – Health Secretary Francisco Duque III on Thursday urged all those who were injured by firecrackers during the New Year celebrations to go to the nearest health facility immediately and have themselves checked for tetanus.“Blast wound injuries have always been closely associated... Read More

Tuberculosis drugs work better with vitamin C: US study

WASHINGTON -- Tuberculosis patients may have a quicker way to recover.A new study on mice and tissue cultures suggested that giving vitamin C with tuberculosis drugs could reduce the unusually long time it took these drugs to eradicate this pathogen.The study was published Wednesday in the US... Read More

Caffeine level in blood could help diagnose Parkinson's disease: study

WASHINGTON -- Simply testing the level of caffeine in the blood could help determine if a person has Parkinson's disease, a new study suggested Wednesday.People with the degenerative disease have significantly lower levels of caffeine in their blood than people without the disease, even if they... Read More

After the holiday binge eating, try fasting, says health official

MANILA – Time to put the brakes on eating.After gorging on hamon, queso de bola, pasta, cakes and everything else served during all those holiday dinner parties, give your bodies some sort of a break by eating healthy and exercising.“And going on a fast,” Department of Health (DOH)... Read More

Injuries from firecrackers up by 44: report

MANILA – An additional 44 injuries from firecrackers, with three amputations, were reported by the Department of Health (DOH) on Wednesday, bringing to 406 the partial total number of injuries, with 15 amputations, recorded from Dec. 21 to January 3."This is 451 (53 percent) cases lower than... Read More

Kidney disease can lead to diabetes

CHICAGO -- Kidney disease increases the risk for diabetes, not just the other way around, a study of the Washington University at St. Louis has found.Researchers at the university found that kidney dysfunction can lead to diabetes, and that a waste product called urea plays a role in the two-way... Read More

Lack of sleep boosts levels of Alzheimer's proteins: study

CHICAGO -- A sleepless night causes levels of the Alzheimer's protein amyloid beta to rise faster than the brain's waste-disposal system can remove it, a study of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found.Persistent high levels of the protein can set off a cascade of brain changes... Read More

171 more injuries from firecrackers: DOH

MANILA -- The Department of Health (DOH) on Tuesday disclosed an additional 171 firecracker-related injuries nationwide a day after the New Year celebration, bringing the partial total to 362 cases from 6 a.m. last Dec. 21 to 6 a.m. Jan. 2, with 12 amputations."This is 473 (57 percent) cases lower... Read More

DOH 'relatively pleased' as firecracker injuries drop by 68%

MANILA -- The Department of Health (DOH) on Monday noted a significant reduction in terms of the number of firecracker-related injuries in its assessment for the period covering 6 a.m. of Dec. 21, 2017 until 6 a.m. of Jan. 1, 2018, compared to the same period last year."We are relatively pleased... Read More

Keep children away from firecrackers: DOH

MANILA -- The Department of Health (DOH) on Sunday reminded parents and caregivers to keep an eye on their children against using firecrackers for the New Year revelries.In a press briefing at East Avenue Medical Center in Quezon City, DOH Secretary Francisco Duque III said firecracker injuries can... Read More

DOH in 2017: Landmark measures, controversial vaccine, new leader

MANILA – The Department of Health (DOH) in 2017 scored major successes with three landmark initiatives in preventive medicine.Replicating the success of Davao City’s ban on smoking in public places, President Rodrigo Duterte on May 16 signed Executive Order (EO) 26 on establishing... Read More

Day 7 of firecracker injury watch: 19 hurt, 1 amputation

MANILA – A total of 19 firecracker-related injuries, with one amputation, were reported by the Department of Health’s (DOH) Epidemiology Bureau on Thursday.This brings to 61 the total number of injuries recorded since Dec. 21, the bureau said in its Aksyon: Paputok Injury Reduction 2017... Read More

Illegal firecrackers still top cause of injuries: DOH

MANILA – Some 30 of the 42 people so far injured by firecrackers were handling illegal fireworks."Twenty-six or 62 percent were caused by the Piccolo, an illegal firework," Department of Health (DOH) Epidemiology Bureau director, Dr. Irma Asuncion, said in the sixth Aksyon: Paputok Injury... Read More