Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe (Photo from TASS) 

MOSCOW – Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe expressed discontent to US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin over US interference in China's domestic political issues as they met in Singapore on Friday, China Central Television reported.

"The United States shouldn’t interfere in the internal affairs of our country," the Chinese minister was quoted as saying. "That's the only way you can save Chinese-American relations."

Wei Fenghe said Washington should stop tarnishing the image of the PRC (the People’s Republic of China). The Chinese defense chief also hit out at pressure from the White House, which is trying in every possible way to infringe on the interests of Beijing, as unacceptable.

"China seeks to develop relations with the United States in a way that befits two leading powers," he said. "The armed forces of our countries must avoid confrontation."

Wei Fenghe reaffirmed the importance of both countries’ armies to steadily strengthen mutual contacts.

"The United States should treat the process of development and strengthening of the PRC in a reasonable manner," the Chinese Defense Minister said.

The meeting took place during the 19th Asia-Pacific Security Conference, known as the Shangri-La Dialogue. According to the channel, Wei Fenghe and Austin "expressed their willingness to resolve differences and strengthen mutual trust."

The US severed diplomatic relations with Taipei in 1979 and established them with the PRC. Even as it’s committed to the One China policy, Washington continues to maintain contacts with the self-governing island and supplies it with weapons. This provokes protests from the Chinese government, which regards Taiwan as an integral part of China and strongly warns against any separatist aspirations. (TASS)