President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. (File photo)

MANILA – The 1987 Constitution remains "dynamic" and "flexible," President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. said Wednesday, noting that it has undergone several amendments to keep up with the "changing times."

Marcos gave the assurance in a speech delivered at Malacañan Palace in Manila, in observance of the Philippine Constitution Day.

"As we honor the Supreme Law of the land and perpetuate this milestone, it is important to remember that it is through the lessons of the past that we are able to establish a government that embodies our goals and creates a vision for a just and humane society," he said.

"It is indeed noteworthy that our Supreme Law remains a dynamic and flexible expression of our collective will, capable of adapting to the changing times and circumstances of our nation," Marcos added.

To date, Philippine Constitution Day is celebrated every Feb. 2, the day when the 1987 Constitution was officially ratified by the Filipino people in a plebiscite.

The commemoration used to be observed on Feb. 8 as it was the day in 1935 when the 1934 Constitutional Convention finished its work for the Philippine Constitution.

Marcos said the amendments to the Philippine Constitution would help the country survive challenges in both the local and international scenes.

Apart from establishing a democratic system of government that ensures the separation of powers among the legislative, executive and judicial branches, the 1987 Constitution continues to protect and uphold the "fundamental rights and freedom of every Filipino," Marcos said.

"Apart from being an allocation of power, we must also take to heart that the Constitution is also a social contract where the people have bestowed their sovereign powers to the State for the common good," he said.

"As we make sure that the spirit of the Constitution prevails over its letter, we take pride that it reflects the unique history and cultural heritage of the Philippines, includes provisions that protect the rights of indigenous peoples, promote social justice and ensure the protection of the environment," Marcos added.

Importance of PH Constitution, laws

Marcos said it is vital to encourage every Filipino to recognize the significance of the country's laws and Constitution.

Apart from promoting the Philippine Constitution and laws, Marcos said creating a "truly just and equitable" society is an "ongoing process."

Marcos also acknowledged the important role of the Philippine Constitution Association (Phiconsa), a group of constitutionalists and framers of the 1987 Constitution, in defending and promoting the country's charter.

"Your tireless work is an inspiration to us all, and I encourage you to continue your efforts," he told the Philconsa members.

Marcos also urged Philconsa to continue supporting the government in its efforts to ensure that its plans and programs "remain compliant with the tenets of the Constitution and laws of the land."

"Philconsa's role in safeguarding the Constitution is vital, and I am confident that you will continue to carry out your duties with the same dedication and commitment that you have shown throughout the years," he said. (PNA)