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Bogus cabal behind Sonny’s ouster plot? | Philippine News Agency


By Jun Ledesma

IT looks like Coalitions Against Corruption are dime a dozen. I wrote a piece the other day following a headline story of a major daily citing CAC calling for the resignation of Finance Chief Sonny Dominguez for what they claimed was his silence over the huge volume of shipment of shabu in Cavite port that led to the major shakedown in the Bureau of Customs.

The banner story did not mention names behind CAC so I proceeded to Google it. There were names of institutions listed but not good enough as a credible source except that towards the end of its information box is Makati Business Club as its convenor. For a story as earth-shaking as the call for the Finance Secretary to quit, the writer must have a credible source. I resorted to a sting operation to ferret out more details and truths behind the news . And whoa! Coco Alcuaz, the Executive Director of Makati Business Club e-mailed me to state that it is not the Coalition Against Corruption that MBC is affiliated with that is attributed to in the story. Obviously Director Alcuaz had likewise informed the Department of Finance that the call for Dominguez resignation did not come from MBC or their CAC and that they “don’t know who this other Coalition Against Corruption”.

This reminded me of a similar trickery in Davao City where a cabal of so-called coalition against graft conjured stories to oust a collector of the Bureau of Customs in the Port of Davao. Collector Anju Castigador was the best performing head of Davao Port with a sustained collection performance that was always beyond 120%.

The poor guy, who ran into trouble for blocking the release of several 40-footer vans containing a mis-declared cargo of rice. He also ordered the closure of the temporary designated inspection area where contrabands passed thru despite the use of x-ray machines. The head of the anti-corruption coalition was a Jesuit priest who months after Collector was removed from the port of Davao was seen in a picture frolicking in the snow in Oslo with another focus man in his ouster move.

I thought that sinister and diabolic conspirators are cowed by Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s scathing language but they are still around parading as Coalition Against Corruption. This time around they picked the wrong man. The Makati Business Club, which has its own CAC, took exception from the call of that other dubious CAC. MBC has no issues against Secretary Dominguez and I personally am thankful for Director Alcuaz for making that loud and clear. Accept my apologies for mistaking your CAC for what the one which I see now as yet another secret society of plotters out to demonize and destabilize the Duterte government.

This is a case of a fake CAC conjuring fake issues against Finance Secretary Dominguez. No amount of Machiavellian moves and ouster plot can work against this senior Cabinet member. He does not need Duterte to defend him since his performance eloquently argues against the issues leveled against him.

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Mr. Jun Ledesma is a community journalist who writes from Davao City and comments from the perspective of a Mindanaoan.