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Inherent right

November 4, 2019, 10:50 am

By Leopoldo Barrida

THE state has the INHERENT RIGHT and JUST OPTION to protect and preserve its institutions, the government which is its central element, and itself for its own SURVIVAL, for its own people.

Those who are undermining the state authority either by way of direct armed and terroristic means, or by method of duplicitous schemes such as the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), New People’s Army (NPA), and National Democratic Front (NDF) urban-based revolutionary movement which uses 'legal organizations' as their convenient cover in their underground interconnection with their armed component which is the NPA, these groups and personalities deserve the full length and extent of law enforcement and legal instruments that the state may and can employ, in order to protect  and preserve the democratic and peaceful way of life of the majority of our people; and to keep the STATE INSTITUTIONS and the LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT, into being protected and preserved.

The employment and utilization of law enforcement and legal instruments by the government in addressing the terroristic and armed interconnection between the urban-based operations of the CPP-NPA-NDF with their armed underground terrorism mainly launched in the rural areas, are the proper and just response of the state against these duplicitous and deceptive schemes that the enemies of the state have been employing in their terroristic operations. Such use of law enforcement and legal instruments is anchored on the principle of correct and just governance which is: "the exercise of all rights and freedom must always respect the RULE OF LAW, and it cannot go beyond the limits of it. NO RIGHTS AND FREEDOM IS OVER AND ABOVE THE RULE OF LAW.

The latter will always be primary and must prevail at all times. It is the lesson and message that the state conveys in the recent law enforcement operations and utilization of legal instruments in Negros, and in Metro Manila. The use of law enforcement and legal instruments is the INHERENT RIGHT, AND JUST OPTION of the STATE, and such will always be.

Let the barkers and adjunct units of the CPP-NPA-NDF which are based in the urban and town centers go on with their howling and whining. They will always be doing that as it is part of their duplicitous terrorism package of tactics against the state, and the people.

Anyway, their doom towards their own perdition is irreversible for so long as the state and government will continue with TRUE GOOD GOVERNANCE that serves as the centrifugal force and also the gravity core of the WHOLE OF GOVERNMENT AND WHOLE OF NATION APPROACH, as the principal strategic framework in ending the local communist terrorism in the country.


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