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Monumental destroyer of Filipino youth rights, welfare

February 14, 2021, 9:33 pm


FOR the last 52 years, communist terrorism being perpetrated by the Communist Party of the Philippines – New People’s Army – National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF) had not only caused death and wanton destruction against the Filipino people, but it has also delivered monumental destruction on the rights and welfare of the Filipino youth and children.

The unabated and deliberate recruitment of minors, including children both into the open and underground organizations that the CPP-NPA-NDF has persistently done over the past five decades, has undeniably resulted in the systematic destruction of young children and youth alike, especially with several thousands of Filipino children being, directly and indirectly, put in the line of fire as child soldiers in the protracted terrorism - a type of war that the CPP-NPA-NDF continues to conduct all over the country.

With more than 80 percent of its political cadres, organizers, and functionaries coming from the youth and students sector, the CPP-NPA-NDF deliberately and programmatically targets the youth and children to also become their lifeblood source into the infusion of 'young blood' in their terrorist organizational cells, that both exist in the urban centers and rural areas.

We, as former rebels, former cadres, and organizers of the CPP-NPA-NDF, who have bonded together in our collective decision to help and support the peace, security, and development initiatives of the government, we attest to such evil scheme of radicalization, infiltration, and recruitment of Filipino youth, minors, and children which the CPP-NPA-NDF scandalously executes and they continue to be more purposive and deliberate in their most recent activities where they cunningly recruit minors and children, by way of their open/aboveground organizations, but with an inherent discreet component of underground recruitment towards terrorist-like cells known as UNDERGROUND MASS ORGANIZATION where they radicalize and recruit these minors and children to join, support and participate in the armed terroristic activities with the aim of violently overthrowing the democratically established government.

These circumstances have been exposed to the public most recently, where hundreds of minors and even children were victimized by CPP-NPA-NDF operatives in the schools in various urban areas, as well as in many rural communities where they exist.

With clear attestation and declaration herein stipulated, we, therefore, express our Collective Solidarity with the entire Filipino people, and the rest of the world, that in no other or any circumstance can the recruitment of child soldiers, minors, children, into any organization that promotes armed terrorism, violence, and criminal acts, can such activity and situation be justified.

The Universal Protection of the Rights of Children, The International Humanitarian Law, and many International Covenants and Conventions categorically prohibit and condemn the recruitment, utilization, mobilization of children as component forces to any armed conflict situation, and such prohibition embodies both the accountability of state and non-state actors, alike-- and for that, the CPP-NPA-NDF is not exempted from this accountability and responsibility.

We, therefore, call on the entire Philippine Government to not only observe the strong implementation of all International Covenants and Conventions where the prohibition and condemnation of recruitment of child soldiers /children are being categorically expressed; but we likewise call on the Government Authorities to be decisive in implementing such conventions in our country, especially against the CPP-NPA-NDF and their minions, collaborators, and conspirators who continue to destroy the lives of our Filipino youth, and our children.

The full force of the law and the whole scale power of the state and the people must be brought to the fore, against the communist terrorists so that their monumental destruction of the rights and welfare of the Filipino youth, and children must be put to a stop.

This is our collective call, together with the Filipino people.


(This is the official statement of Sentrong Alyansa ng mga Mamamayan Para sa Bayan (SAMBAYANAN) on the occasion of International Day of Condemnation Against Recruitment of Child Soldiers in Armed Conflict)


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