By Jun Ledesma

PRESIDENTIAL wannabe Leni Robredo just proved to the world that she is not the kind of leader the Philippines deserves. 

In an interview with the country’s “King” of talk show, Boy Abunda, the Vice President emphatically insisted that in times of emergencies she has to be personally on top of the situation to manage and immediately act on every emerging situation that needs prompt action.  In short and by her own language she is a micromanager. 

Boy Abunda, who obviously understands what leadership is,  tried to get her out of that slip, but she insisted that it has to be she and proceeded to cite examples of moments when she has to work 24 hours a day micromanaging actions on emergencies. 

Her take on the leadership qualities of a President underscores her distrust of people and that is a very dangerous precedent because the government does not function that way.  I do not know whether it is true that on day one of the Marawi siege the Vice President was right in the battle arena. I think I missed that one in the many video coverage done by local and international correspondents. 

Leni’s idea of leadership explains why she has to be first on the scene of calamity distributing “lugaw na may itlog” as her propagandists proudly assert. And she wants to show these acts of mercy and courage by bringing a retinue of print and TV crew.  

The VP should learn the art of how-not-to-do-it herself. She should learn how to delegate and therefore must learn how to trust. A President is not a Purok Chairman. He or she is on top of all situations but in every situation, he has someone he can trust to execute plans with all the resources and authority with the least supervision from him. 

Dangerous too is her proposition that to solve the conflicts in the West Philippine Sea, she will push for multi-lateral talks inviting community of nations..for what? To bring China to its knees? And she wants the government to invest heavily in armaments. Is she thinking that China will invade the Philippines or even create a pocket war in  WPS in the eastern portion of the South China sea?  China will be the last country to stir trouble in WPS when it is their principal trade route. That too is the trade route of other countries doing business with China, the ASEAN nations, and India to name a few.  China, which has taken over the US in economic supremacy is now in the league of the superpower. In terms of road and railway infrastructures, it makes US jurassic. The man who used to pull a rickshaw will be the last person on earth to go back to poverty. 

Robredo and Lacson should rein-in their slingshots. Study the lead of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte that is being adopted by Bongbong Marcos. Bilateral talks. China is the biggest consumer market in the world and I think the Philippines has an avuncular space in the heart of China's leadership. It is our nearest trading partner. So near we can ship freshly harvested fruits in just a couple of days and even ship tuna from Davao direct to Beijing.  Think trade, not war. 

About the Columnist

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Mr. Jun Ledesma is a community journalist who writes from Davao City and comments from the perspective of a Mindanaoan.