By Allan Mediante

Net satisfaction guaranteed!

October 12, 2017, 7:32 pm

While the President’s net satisfaction rating from June 2017 to September 2017 dropped in the Visayas, Luzon, and in Metro Manila, it remained steady here in Mindanao.

“It stayed excellent in Mindanao, at +76 (82% satisfied, 6% dissatisfied) in September 2017, hardly moving from +75 (83% satisfied, 8% dissatisfied) in June 2017”, a Social Weather Station (SWS) survey stated.

As also reported in mainstream TV and newspapers, Mindanao’s trust and satisfaction in President Rodrigo Duterte remained excellent. Why?

This is not surprising to Mindanaoans because majority of us believe in his sincerity and strong political will. Duterte was not out to make popular decisions as President. Some of those decisions may be unpopular but he made it for the greater good of the common masses, and not for a few and select elite.

Duterte’s initiatives, such as tax reform, infrastructure buildout, Charter change, and securing and rebuilding Marawi City endeared him to Mindanaoans.

The survey results on Mindanao tells us how we look at the President and his leadership. His present programs such as the Dutertenomics agenda, the war on drugs, and the Build Build Build infrastructure projects beng implemented are aimed at addressing the people’s needs.

What Mindanaoans abhor is media’s biased reporting on the survey results - trying to make interpretations, adding color, and meaning to the statistics. One critique in Davao said” “A review of how these results were interpreted, however, reflects a Luzon bias.”

Isn’t it curious that mainstream media reporters howled too many reasons for the decline of Duterte ratings in Luzon and the Visayas, but ignored to say even one reason behind his excellent rating in Mindanao?

Why did they fail to mention the possible reasons of PRRD’s rating of excellence in Mindanao? Like the Maute rebellion has been isolated within the city limits of Marawi; the new kind of Martial Law which saw courteous military forces handling the inspections in the roads and highways; the visits of compassion to the victims of war, both from AFP and civilians; the immediate government action of rehabilitation and reparation of displaced and homeless Mindanaoans.

Mindanaoans appreciate the fact that with the Duterte Presidency, the law is now strongly wielded. The basic infrastructure they needed, which was long denied by past administrations, are now pouring in. Common crimes have been reduced. There is discipline in the streets. Duterte could be ruthless to criminals but compassionate to the humble and lowly.These could be reasons of his high and unfettered ratings in Mindanao.

Is there a need or a reason for detractors to gloat or celebrate on the latest SWS survey results? For what? To sow division and create animosity between Filipinos? The Duterte detractors should think twice because it may politically backfire against them in Mindanao.

Meanwhile, Mindanaoans warn that media sensationalism will never reduce poverty, nor will it solve corruption and deliver the needed development to their impoverished communities. Their net satisfaction is only guaranteed under a Duterte Presidency.


About the Columnist

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Mr. Mediante is incumbent Vice President of the Philippine Press Institute; Executive Vice President of Cagayan de Oro Press Club; and Editor in Chief of Mindanao Daily News – a region-wide newspaper based in Cagayan de Oro City.