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The dying ember of the Yellowtards | Philippine News Agency


By Jun Ledesma

The Human Rights Watch in an apparent effort to redeem itself from the embarrasment and the discombobulated political front has managed to wangle an award for jailed Sen. Leila De Lima.

The former Commission on Human Rights chairperson was deliriously happy but 10 thousands plaques proclaiming her credentials as a human rights defender will not convince the courts as yet.

Contrary to the pronouncements of her fellow Liberals that she is a victim of political harassments, the Courts (and that's all the way up to the High Court) are not listening to the histrionics which are obviously crafted to stonewall De Lima’s mysterious and amorous dalliance with high profile inmates that are involved in big-scale drug distribution network. 

The award came out from the blue waters of the ridiculous but then so timed as to impress ASEAN leaders and guests that somewhere out there a human rights advocate is incarcerated. Unfortunately these leaders to include the most influential among them — Pres. Donald Trump, Pres. Shinzo Abe, Pres. Xi Jinping and Pres. Vladimir Putin -- are not the type that can be swayed by distortions and political propaganda.

Coming out with an award after the Supreme Court ruled that she stays in jail is like staging a comedy show and as an ASEAN-event curtain raiser. From across the Pacific where the "out-of-tune" Sen. Antonio Trillanes was mounting an anti-Duterte super roadshow, his audience came out strongly in defense of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte. The senator had met with US Sen. Marco Rubio, the same solon who opposed the sale of firearms to the Philippines for its fight against local terrorists and the vicious drug cartel. 

What do you expect the duo talked about? Am sure there was an attempt to discourage President Trump from coming to the Philippines. But the US head of state was assertive. He is going to attend the ASEAN summit and that he is seeing the 'leaders' leader".

The opposition tried another trick Sunday, this time with the participation of the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines Pres. Socrates Villegas. The bishop had been calling for the "faithfuls" to gather at EDSA Shrine for a political and religious demonstration veiled as "the healing of the land". Again the attendance was pipsqueak.

In a vainglorious strategy to impress the world, their propagandists used an old photo of Mike Velarde "El Shaddai" congregation in Luneta. The crude photoshop production only proves another thing. Velarde has better credibility than Villegas.  

No amount of denigration can stop ASEAN and other world leaders from coming to Duterte's Philippines. In the case of President Trump, who the political opposition inveigled not to come, just made an announcement that he will extend his stay for one more day in the Philippines not to speak with narco politicians but, for a bilateral talk with Duterte.

The dying ember of the opposition is snuffed by its own wind of desperation.

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Mr. Jun Ledesma is a community journalist who writes from Davao City and comments from the perspective of a Mindanaoan.