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Ledesma: The good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful

WE are about to end the year and here’s a broad perspective from your letter writer from the boondocks of Mindanao. This is strictly personal and I will not begrudge anyone from flagellating me should they disagree. After all, contrary to the martyr of the western press, Maria Ressa, anywhere... Read More

Ledesma: The wrath of Mindanao

THOSE senators opposed to the extension of martial law in Mindanao should ponder now on their “bright opinions” which simplistically state that there is absolutely no basis at all to justify its continued enforcement in the region.Hardly had the resonance of the speeches of opposition... Read More

Ledesma: What's the fuss about Tax Evasion?

THE United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression, David Kaye, has a litany of credentials which could account for his hubris in calling the attention of sovereign nations for what he suspects go beyond the norm and standard expected of civilized nations.Kaye has become too swell headed... Read More

Ledesma: Fun run in Davao

ELECTIONS are months away but in Davao del Norte intense under currents are felt in not a few towns with the epicenter in District 1, the main battle ground that pits incumbent Gov. Anthony “AGR” del Rosario and ex-speaker Pantaleon “Bebot” Alvarez in the congressional... Read More

From the Mail: Japanese invasion on PH 77 years ago recalled

By Ben CalMANILA -- Exactly 77 years ago today, Dec. 8, Japanese forces invaded the Philippines in a sneak attack on military installations in Luzon, 10 hours after Pearl Harbor in Hawaii was bombed, triggering World War II in the Pacific.American and Filipino forces were completely caught by... Read More

From the Mail: Which is which, Caloocan or Kalookan?

By  Severino SamonteMANILA -- What or which is the correct and proper spelling of the name of the 56-year-old Caloocan/Kalookan City in northern Metro Manila?Observant people, even those on a first visit to the city, will surely notice the varying spellings of the city’s name such as with... Read More

Ledesma: Adventurism in Talaingod town

THIS hinterland town is home to gentle and peaceful indigenous tribe – Talaingod. The local and the provincial government have seen to it that their culture and traditions are preserved. Even the curriculum of their education dovetails with these as observed in the Davao del Norte State... Read More

Ledesma: Bong Go wins a top endorser

THEY do not know each other but they have heard of each other. They have not even met but each knew what they do in their respective endeavors. Bong Go, the most trusted man of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte when it comes to performing the tasks in the corporate social responsibility program of the Executive... Read More

Ledesma: Jess Dureza’s quest for peace

SEC. Jesus Dureza has liberated himself from the iniquitous iniquity of the bureaucracy. He was to deliver the axe himself on the two ranking officials who oversee the PAMANA projects of the Office of the Presidential Assistant for Peace Process. He was just validating the pieces of information and... Read More

From the Mail: A rainbow is seen in Sino-Filipino ties

By Xu QinduoAFTER years of hardship, China-Philippines relations have reached a new level. Chinese President Xi Jinping and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte held talks on Nov. 20 and decided to establish a comprehensive, strategic and cooperative relationship between China and the Philippines.In... Read More

Ledesma: Bong Go's decided advantage

FORMER Special Assistant to the President, Sec. Bong Go, may not be aware that his official and now private outreach initiatives to nameless people have significant impact not only in terms of numbers of individuals and communities he helped but also in the deep sense of gratefulness that he might... Read More

Ledesma: Welcome, Pres. Xi Jinping!

WHAT makes the Philippine-China relations so distinct from the other countries that China had engaged with? Is it on account of its strategic navigational route that can spell the difference between victory and defeat in commerce and trade and armed conflict or it is simply on account of a special... Read More

Ledesma: Preview of Davao’s political landscape

POLITICS creates bonds of friendships, strong ties that decide what course the government pursues. But politics creates the deepest cleavage even among friends that leads to irrational conflicts that damage the government units they govern and divide political constituencies.This describes the... Read More

From the Mail: Beijing, Manila set to reap more benefits of pragmatism

By Ding HengPRESIDENT Xi Jinping’s visit to Manila represents another positive step forward in the relationship between China and the Philippines.At least five economic agreements are expected to be signed during his visit, according to Philippine Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III. It is... Read More

From the Mail: It's full steam ahead for PNA

By Pia Roces MoratoTHE Philippine News Agency is once again being given the attention it so rightfully deserves as partnerships are being forged with different state news agencies around the world and rightfully so.It is with sheer pride to witness first hand in this current administration, a... Read More

Ledesma: Of PNA and Sputnik

WHAT has Rapplers’ Pia Ranada against the Philippine News Agency’s plan of having a sharing arrangement of news and feature articles with Russia’s Sputnik own news agency? For owing so much allegiance to US-based Omidyar Network that invested on Rappler, Ranada cannot keep her bias... Read More

Ledesma: The unrelenting war against corruption

WHO ever said corruption in the government will be swept in two to three years must be dreaming. Not even with a magic wand can Pres. Rodrigo R. Duterte do that. Corruption in the government bureaucracy was institutionalized by the BSA III administration. It is is a Herculean job for Duterte to... Read More

Ledesma: Bogus cabal behind Sonny’s ouster plot?

IT looks like Coalitions Against Corruption are dime a dozen. I wrote a piece the other day following a headline story of a major daily citing CAC calling for the resignation of Finance Chief Sonny Dominguez for what they claimed was his silence over the huge volume of shipment of shabu in Cavite... Read More

Ledesma: In defense of Sec. Sonny Dominguez

TWO things are happening on the eve of the unprecedented visit of China Pres. Xi Jinping. There is a perceptible attempt of the western press and its clones in Southeast Asia and the Philippines to demonize China’s foreign policies and assault on the integrity of some of the Cabinet members of... Read More

Ledesma: TOKHANG

GENERAL Ronald “Bato” del Rosa is less heard these days despite his senatorial bid but he makes it big in the arena of lexicon. Remember his slogan “TOKHANG”? It is now the most popular word for year 2018 and it might land in the Oxford Dictionary. If that will be the basis... Read More