By Lorraine Marie Badoy

The nonsense tweets of IBON

February 14, 2020, 1:18 pm

IBON, in a series of tweets, took the trouble to correct how I said, ‘IBON Philippines’ and not ‘IBON International’ and ‘IBON Foundation’—which, they claim, are their SEC-registered names. This upset them enough to tweet about it.

But the rest of what I said about them: that IBON is a front of the terrorist group, CPP-NPA-NDF and that their Executive Director, Sonny Africa and their Research Head, Rosario Guzman are party members of the Communist Party of the Philippines who follow the directions of their party that has led to our country’s destruction?

Didn’t upset them enough to tweet a clear and unequivocal denial. A simple 3 word “No. Not true.”

They think I’ve exposed myself to ‘further ridicule with her wild unsubstantiated claims’ and yet won’t address the serious and ‘wild unsubstantiated claims’ I’ve made about them except to dismiss and affect nonchalance.

That’s like getting mad at your 17-year-old daughter for bringing home to dinner her new boyfriend — a 38-year-old drug addict with tattoos all over his body who pinches her butt in your presence and calls her ‘my sex toy’—for having one strand of hair out of place.

They also think me getting their names wrong takes away from my credibility.

Which makes me laugh because I know the weight of what I wrote and the gravitas it has brought to the discussion table about the terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF and its legal fronts like IBON, as well as its operations. I have gone deep with these deceptive bastards and they know it.

It’s not because of my writing prowess (I wish) but because of who my sources are: former and present cadres at the CPP-NPA-NDF.

Their comrades who know them far better than any of us do and have ratted on them. And who have done so for one reason and one reason alone: a passionate love for the country.

The piece I wrote is unimpeachable because my sources are unimpeachable.

The CPP-NPA-NDF cadres’ knowledge of what IBON truly is (a front of the terrorist group, CPP-NPA-NDF) and who Sonny Africa and Rosario Guzman really are (party members of the CPP) is unassailable.

And what they know about what IBON does is solid: keep in perfect step with the rest of the above and below ground organizations of the CPP and their end goal of the overthrow of our government.

They tweeted further, “Badoy’s errors, false accusations and fantasies are too many to refute one-by-one but it is notable that she could not even get IBON’s organizational structure, filed at the SEC, straight.”

It is notable that the 38-year-old drug addict your 17-year-old daughter brought home has one strand of hair sticking out.

Not that he’s an addict. Nor much older than her. Nor that he pinches her butt and calls her ‘my sex toy’.

But that his hair went thataway.

That's the shallow bench of issues about me upon which IBON tries to smear me. Amusing really.

Also, I didn’t write about IBON’s organizational structure in my piece. I have no interest in it because I know what it’s going to look like: legit—because this is the expertise of IBON: putting on the mask of legitimacy while doing their dirty deeds in the dark.

In other words, IBON is lying. Yet again.

What my piece tackled was the CPP-NPA-NDF organizational structure and wherein the organizational structure of the CPP-NPA-NDF IBON is situated.

There is a much more detailed organizational framework and operational structure of the CPP-NPA-NDF I will write about in my next columns but for my piece about IBON, I simplified it.

IBON is situated under the National United Front Commission (NUFC) which is right under the CPP and it was created during the Marcos years to create propaganda under the pretext of ‘research and advocacy’ anchored on data that seems neutral and scientific but is, in fact, quite the opposite. And whose goal is the same goal of the CPP-NPA-NDF: the overthrow of the government.

If they find that there are too many things to refute in what I’ve written, I’ve whittled it down to just 2 issues they can deal with.

It’s also to save them the trouble of useless energy expended on nonsequiturs and insults trained at me that don’t even register an ounce with me.

All that’s needed are short, unequivocal answers.

1.  I claimed that IBON Executive Director Sonny Africa and Research Head Rosario Guzman are card-carrying members of the Communist Party of the Philippines. Are they? Yes or no?

2.  Will they denounce the horrific atrocities done by the CPP-NPA-NDF on the Filipinos?

You know, like, training our children to become child warriors, the murder of thousands of IP leaders, the collection of ‘taxes’ like food from the poorest of the poor while they go hungry themselves, the rape of children in Salugpungan schools, the burning of government equipment so that farm to market roads are not built that would help our farmers sell their produce and claw their way out of poverty?

You know, those deplorable things any decent human being will denounce.

Will they join the rest of humanity and denounce it?  Yes or no.

See, when you get down to it, it’s just really 2 questions. No need to worry their pretty terrorist, errrr ... ”researcher” heads over my long columns.

And there is no need for IBON to worry about me being ridiculed.

Ridicule is such a small price to pay for seeing my country free of this terrorist group’s death grip on us. Ridicule is something I don’t even figure in the price I have to pay for speaking the truth about those who have sentenced millions of Filipinos to extreme poverty and who have gotten in the way of our country’s peace and progress.

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, “Ridicule is the tribute paid to truth-tellers by liars.”

Thank you for the tribute, IBON. I'm just warming up. 



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