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Red-tagging, Red-baiting

By Victoria Patria

RED tagging? Red-baiting? It's only a fictitious and self-serving claim of the operators, cadres, and adjunct support groups of the CPP-NPA-NDFwho are operating in urban areas and town centers under the cover of their self-established and infiltrated 'open organizations and alliances'.

It must be pointed out that it is the legal mandate and moral obligation of the state and all government functionaries to make sure that the people, the general public are always well-informed about the things that affect their lives and the security of their communities.

Properly identifying, unmasking, exposing and bringing into accountability those who are directly or indirectly supporting the armed terroristic atrocities of the CPP-NPA-NDF for the purpose of subverting and destroying our duly-constituted and democratically- established government and its authority, including those seditious acts that abet and conspire with the terrorist modus operandi of the CPP-NPA-NDF in their attempt to overthrow the government, then such response of the government and the entire state machinery to address these insidious and seditious acts is not reg tagging. It can never be.

It is the sovereign mandate and mission of the state to protect its people from all forms of threat.

Speaking out, and categorically exposing the deceptive and manipulative operations of the CPP-NPA-NDF in their urban-based and town center directed 'organizations, alliances, and personalities' is NOT Red-Tagging, as such is supported by the preponderance of testimonial evidence and documentary proof as well as overwhelming circumstantial facts that clearly establish the direct interlink of the CPP-NPA-NDF armed terrorism with its 'open /aboveground operations' that they deceptively scheme in urban areas and town centers.

This very important information regarding the CPP-NPA-NDF web of operations and their different modalities in the urban centers must be communicated by the government to the people in the broadest possible scope. This is NOT RED TAGGING. THIS IS TRANSPARENCY IN INFORMATION DISSEMINATION.

CONSTANT DENIAL AND ALIBI are the most convenient escape switch of THE GUILTY! This is how the CPP-NPA-NDF urban-based CADRES, organizers, and operatives like Lisa Masa, GABRIELA, ANAKBAYAN, Sarah Elago, IBON PHILIPPINES, KARAPATAN, and their conspirators try to put-up their 'defense' for their apparent criminal accountabilities to the Filipino people.

But their DENIAL and ALIBI do not convince the people anymore. The time of these terrorist communists in the country is fast running out. The RULE OF LAW SHALL always be the ultimate measure for setting the balance between the responsible exercise of rights and freedoms of the people on one hand, and the mandate and moral obligation of the state to protect and preserve its institutions, the government, and the people at the other end.

But clearly, with the present information and awareness initiatives of the different government agencies, Soon, JUDGEMENT DAY from the collective enlightenment of the Filipino people will engulf the perverted souls of these terrorists communists agitators and conspirators. It shall come soon!

(Victoria Patria is national coordinator of Sentrong Alyansa ng mga Mamamayan Para Sa Bayan [SAMBAYANAN])


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