By Jun Ledesma

And the survey says ...

October 8, 2020, 12:56 pm

I DON'T know who commissioned Pulse Asia to conduct a survey on the sentiments of the people amidst the pandemic which, like other countries worldwide, shook the foundations of every government and private institution. The Philippines is not spared and considering the density of our population the administration of Pres. Rodrigo R. Duterte faces enormous challenges.

The people are aware of the magnitude of the problems that Covid-19 had impacted on the economy, lifestyle, freedom of movement, education and other radical changes in all facets of normal activities conducts that we all are used to. If there is any sector in our society that seemed to enjoy watching the administration grappling with the enormity and complexity of the problems at hand, it is no other than the political opposition.

I, therefore, entertained the notion that it must have been the opposition who commissioned the survey for what better time and who would think of a wily scheme of having a survey done when everything looks so bleak? On the other hand, Pulse Asia may just have conducted a survey on behalf of its non-political clients who wants to measure the confidence level of the public on the government’s capacity to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic. Let’s face it. While we have a segment in our society that is under the poverty level we have a formidable middle class too which has money to spend. While the survey focused on Trust and Approval ratings of government institutions, it is also a veritable barometer of how people, by their level of confidence, expect to return to their productive activity and spend their money.

At 91% Trust and Approval ratings from the upper and middle crusts of society, we see unprecedented confidence of the people that the Duterte government can overcome the challenges. With the captains of the industry manifesting the highest degree of positivism we expect a dramatic return of a vibrant economy.

The rating of VP Leni Robredo is irrelevant as far as the people’s hope for a better future is concerned. The Judiciary too will not shine at this point because people are less interested in legal issues especially when it cannot even resolve the electoral protest of Marcos against Robredo. The legislators however are being watched. I am certain that the zarzuela in the Lower House will impact on the trustworthiness of the institution and Senate Pres. Tito Sotto has all the reasons to be disturbed by the misplaced gimmickry of Speaker Allan Cayetano.

On the whole, moreover, Duterte’s unprecedented Trust and Approval ratings eloquently argue against all the magma of criticisms that the cabal of political opposition and leftist organizations are hurling against him. This excludes him from the traditional lame ducks attributed to leaders whose term of office is about to conclude. With the people on his side, he can “dictate” the outcome of the 2022 elections.

Robredo’s performance in Pulse Asia’s rating is so dismal it foretells the fate of the opposition which she leads. Her image-maker blames “fake news” as the reason for the 50% Trust and 57% Approval grades of the Vice President. And I thought all the while it’s President Duterte who has been the subject of the deluge of fake news conjured by his detractors here and abroad.


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Mr. Jun Ledesma is a community journalist who writes from Davao City and comments from the perspective of a Mindanaoan.