By Jay Ledesma

Kindness knows no quarantine

October 16, 2020, 5:37 pm

ONE of the silver linings during the Covid-19 pandemic is the random act of kindness from ordinary citizens. While the government continues to provide for our needy brothers and sisters through the Bayanihan Acts 1 and 2, a number of private individuals were silently doing their own fundraising projects as their humble way of helping out.

We have read and heard dozens of stories about this.

However, I would like to make special mention of these 3 fundraising projects which caught my attention not only because of their causes but more of how they used their creativity, talent, and resourcefulness to support a cause. 

The Starbright Agency of Philamlife holds an annual fundraising event called Starbright Shares, where their agency members and friends donate food, clothing, furniture and any items that can be sold during their 1-day bazaar. All proceeds are for the benefit of the PGH Pediatric Unit. But because of the pandemic, they know they cannot do their usual Bazaar. They had to rethink the way they will do their fundraising amidst the quarantine. District Manager Anna Blanco and her leaders, instead, thought of organizing a half-day webinar where their most successful Financial Advisors shared their trade secrets on insurance selling! For a minimum of P500 donation, participants got to learn and take home the proven success formulas of these accomplished men and women. If you want a one-to-one session with any of the speakers, you can make a bid.

This initiative allowed them to donate 2 laptops, 10 suction machines, 1000 3M VFlex Masks, and 1000 3M 8210 Masks to the PGH Pediatric Unit. Definitely, a big help during this time when a big chunk of the hospital’s budget is spent on Covid-related cases. 

Learning while sharing...Starbright Shares showed that’s one’s passion to help will lead to finding other creative ways of doing things other than the traditional means, and still get the desired results.

Mickey Laudico Santana, proved that even young people can do their own share to help and make a difference. This 22-year old New Yorker, who recently graduated Summa Cum Laude from New York University used his talent in painting to raise funds for the benefit of the Filipino jeepney drivers who were displaced and left jobless by the pandemic.

Mickey thru his Tara Na Prints project painted and sold his jeepney series to those who were willing to donate for his cause. He was able to raise P500,000 which is equivalent to 500 meals for 100 drivers. As he is based in NY, he coordinated with the Office of VP for the distribution of the relief packs. Recipients were mostly drivers plying the UP-based routes.

Painting while sharing... Mickey showed that regardless of age and distance, we can always tap and use our God-given talent to support a cause and help others. 

And then there’s Mr. and Mrs. Sergel of Davao City. This couple has been providing a regular ration of vegetables to two locally managed orphanages during this pandemic.

When they heard that these two local orphanages are experiencing food shortages due to fewer donations and sponsorships caused by the pandemic, they wanted to help. But their limited income is just enough to provide for their own family.y planted seedlings of okra, eggplants, string beans, tomatoes, kangkong and camote tops. They don’t only have fresh organic vegetables for their family but also for all the children in the two orphanages. Instead of making the vegetables a source of extra money for the family, they use them to provide food on the table of these orphans.

Planting while sharing... the Sergel couple showed we don’t always need money to be able to share. Sometimes, hard work and resourcefulness can do the tricks.


Am sure there’s a lot of similar stories out there that are equally worth mentioning. Or we can make our own! 


Let us all be mindful that regardless of who we are, where we are and how we are, we can in our humble ways, reach out and help. No quarantine can and should stop us from extending our kindness and generosity to those who are in need. We don’t need to be a part of any organizations to contribute. We can just be a regular Juan dela Cruz and still make a difference!



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