By Jun Ledesma

Ganging up on Pialago

October 22, 2020, 5:35 pm

CELINE Pialago, the articulate and straight-to-the-point spokesperson of Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) was on the receiving end of hysterical flak from the phalanx of human rights activists, leftist propagandists, and some ignoramuses in the movie world. These stemmed from her remarks over the death of a newly born baby inside a detention cell. The mother of the child, Reina Nacino, was detained by authorities armed with a warrant of arrest for her suspected ties with a terrorist group. She was in possession of firearms during the arrest. No mention of her pregnancy ever came out of the press and I have the suspicion that she never took her condition up while in detention. In brief, the baby was born in a squalid condition and obviously malnourished. Why was the father not informed is another story that may yet unfold later.

It is tragic that the baby died but the melodramatic coverage of her death has all the elements of leftist propaganda helped by anti-Duterte media outlets - traditional and digital. Celine Pialago had her fill and, like her flagellates, freely expressed her opinion.

Pialago is unrepentant and rightly so. Have we heard of the same passionate condemnation of the killing of an innocent child in Bukidnon when the car she was riding in was peppered with bullets from marauding NPA terrorists? Have we heard Ensong Dee, Anne Curtis, and Liza Soberano expressed any sentiment why a school teacher has to be shot by terrorists while delivering school modules to his students?

Of course, I do not expect them to raise the same furor as they did over baby River. These three movie characters are as ignorant of what is happening outside their gated dwellings. And oh, how could you Ms. Curtis. I enjoy your childish antics with Vice Ganda but you are a tragedy in the realm of communist propaganda and divisive politics. By the way, you condemn these inhuman sentiments of Pialago? Have you ever heard of how the aborigines of Australia were treated by the colonizers? This should ring cathedral bells to you too Liza. You are so pretty but so innocent. Maybe you should start by asking your dad about the famous film Lawrence of Arabia and actor Peter O’toole and how the Brits treat the natives of Africa while in search of gold and diamond. Then maybe you will sober a bit and perhaps realize that indeed there is too much drama over the demise of River. Never mind Ensong his take on the issue is as bad as his acting.

Anyway, Celine Pialago is an excellent spokesperson for MMDA. She fits her job to the T. Articulate, very knowledgeable, and quite outstanding as a communicator. Her credibility does not sit well with the NPA propagandists and the political opposition who had been on the alert watching every lapse the government commits. They have been ganging up on her but this gutsy lady delivers punches right on their solar plexus.



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