By Jun Ledesma


FOR President Rodrigo R. Duterte, unprecedented Trust and Approval ratings came at a price. He is not in the running for the 2022 Presidential elections but the turrets of the fragmented political opposition are all aimed at him. And this includes the propaganda machinery which shamelessly turns news into commentaries. Oh yes, the press in the Philippines is free despite the fact that some of the stories you cannot trust and some are merely meant to rap and create ripples by spreading fake news against Duterte. 

At 91% Trust and Approval rating, the opposition knew that anyone that President Duterte will endorse for any elective post this coming regular election derby will likely make it to the finish line. The electorate will ignore the ineptitude of Health Sec. Francisco Duque and Agriculture Sec. William Dar cling to their post like barnacles despite the sluggish action of the former in procuring personal protective equipment and vaccines early on, and the latter’s inaction to transport to Metro Manila vegetables from Northern Luzon and meat and fish from Mindanao. 

Yes, the target of vicious propaganda is Duterte and they will leave these two to commit more mistakes so they will have more black propellants for their cannons. 

 The characters in the opposition, however, have proven to be politically leprotic. They have wasted years of opportunity for the country to move forward and indulge in sugar-coating their monumental failures by replaying the People Power episode. But the nation had become weary, some shocked by the unabashed suggestion of some quarters to make Cory a saint. The country stagnated. Blood of farmers in Plaza Mendiola and the gates of Hacienda Luisita signaled the death of a genuine land reform program. Later the death of SAF 44 proved that learning warfare from video games is just child’s play extended to adulthood.

Thus, the attempt of the minions of the Aquino regime led by X-justice Antonio Carpio to put up a new coalition called “1Sambayan” is dead as it quickly emerged. It was obvious Carpio wants to jettison the moribund Liberal Party for it has become synonymous with failure but just the same his main recruits are the characters that made up the LP. Again, his main target is President Duterte and in dubious scheme hit Davao City Mayor Inday Sara who, he fears, will come in the way to achieving his ambition. 

As we move closer to May 2022 the Duterte administration will be hounded by hyper-salivating opposition no matter how fragmented they may be. We have seen how they come together despite their countervailing ideologies in their futile efforts to oust Duterte. They will create mountains out of every molehill they come across while nitpicking this administration.

Oh yes, we have seen the achievements delivered by this administration in terms of infrastructures and lifting this country from a sluggish economy to investment grade and stable grade. It is however our misfortune that Covid hit us. But which country is not? France just declared a one-month lockdown and cases in the US are still soaring like wildfire despite their vaccine rollout. This administration has its faults. President Duterte kept NPAs in his cabinet. These non-performing assets are no different from a Judas in just a circle of twelve. But then they are inconsequential to the goals that the Duterte government has achieved. 


About the Columnist

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Mr. Jun Ledesma is a community journalist who writes from Davao City and comments from the perspective of a Mindanaoan.