By Jay Ledesma

Where will it bring us?

December 2, 2021, 6:26 pm

WHEN we were kids, my late grandfather will always remind us that for every action we do, every word we say, and every choice we make, there is always a corresponding consequence. That it will surely result in something good or something bad, not only immediately, but more importantly in the future. So whenever we will misbehave as kids, he will ask us the question, “Where do you think your actions will bring you?” He will make us paint in our young minds the picture of what may and can happen following the actions we did.  Of course, as we were young then, we did not take this question seriously.  We were just after the immediate joy and fun our actions brought us then.  

But as I grew much older, I realized the importance of that simple question, “Where will my actions, attitudes, words, and decisions bring me?”  Somehow, it guided me in most of the major decisions I had to make in my life.  I just had to be clear with my goals and how my choices, actions, and attitudes will either bring me closer or farther to them.

For most students, the goal is to have good grades and pass all their subjects, while for the more competitive, it's to be in the honor roll as they want to make their parents prouder while enjoying the tuition fee discounts. But it's not easy, because as kids and teenagers, there are a lot of opportunities and temptations to be "wild and carefree”, to not worry about assignments, projects and term papers, and just enjoy time with friends. Under the current study from home setup, students should really have the discipline to stay focused, as there are so many distractions and excuses not to do good and give mediocre efforts. Between studying and social media or watching Netflix or playing ML, the latter alternatives seem to be better and more fun. But each time you are tempted to do just that, ask yourself that question, "where will my laziness, irresponsibility, and carefreeness bring me? Will they lead me to the goal that I have set as a student? Or will they bring me to something that I will regret later on?”     

When you are working, the aim is to be able to find a job which you are passionate about, contribute to the goal of your organization and to the growth of the people around you. But along the way, you will encounter many career opportunities which you are not passionate about but pays well, you will come across company policies that may make you doubt, you will have encounters that will test your work values and ethics and you will face obstacles that will challenge your strength and resolve. And when reacting to all of these, it’s wise to again ask yourself, “Where will my doubts, weaknesses, non-compliance, and inactions bring me? Will my decisions and choices bring me closer to my long-term career objectives or will they derail me? Will they allow me to be a better version of myself and a better member of the Team? Will they allow me to look back at my career life with contentment, pride, and happiness?"

As parents, our goal is to raise our children as happy, responsible, and productive members of our community. But then again, it is never easy, as there are a lot of sacrifices, compromises, priorities, and relationships involved. You will have to make a choice between attending a company meeting or attending your child’s important school activity.  Nowadays, with children doing home school, parents are torn between helping their children with their assignments or doing the assignment themselves. As the youths of today are digital natives and can multi-task, parents are more permissive and tolerant of their children spending more time in digital technology, at times, compromising actual human interactions. Again, where will our choices and behaviors bring us and our children? Are we creating memories that our children will happily remember when they are old? Are we helping our kids to be better prepared or are we giving them convenience now, making them less prepared for life’s challenges?          

As Filipinos, we all want what’s best for our country. After all, it’s the only country we have. The ongoing pandemic has brought so many sufferings to our country and countrymen. We can either be part of the problem or be part of the solution. Have you done your part to reduce the spread of the virus? Or do you choose not to be vaccinated and defy health protocols? Either, your choice will have an impact on where our country will be post-pandemic. The forthcoming election will again give the Filipinos the opportunity to choose our government leaders for the next 6 years. While most voters choose and decide based on the candidates’ track record, programs and platforms, and personal values, many still based their choices on the candidates’ regional affiliation, popularity, and “generosity”. Whatever your basis will be, it is  important to ask the question, "Where will my elected candidates bring our country? Will they bring forth a better Philippines for our children?” 

As Christians, our ultimate goal is to join our Maker in His kingdom. We believe that our life on earth is a preparation for our eternal life. It is a dress rehearsal for what really awaits us in the afterlife. The old popular movie “Ghost” gave a clear depiction of what happens to the good and the bad people when they die. The good was peacefully welcomed in Heaven while the bad experienced great pain and agony as they were taken away by the black shadows. It painted a picture of where our goodness and badness will bring us afterlife.

For indeed, everything that we think, say, and do will, one day, be reckoned with. The big question is, “Where will our thoughts, actions, and attitudes bring us when that day of reckoning comes? Will they bring us to the afterlife we all pray for? The great Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The future depends on what we do in the present.” In the same token that the choices we made in the past, brought us to where we are now. There will always be that connection. So, whenever we think, say, or do what we need to, let’s always be mindful to ask ourselves,“where will this bring us?” It might be the smartest thing we can do.  


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