Local sportswear brand introduces 'Airemov' in pre-holiday collection

MANILA -- Filipino sportswear brand Atsui launched its pre-holiday collection this week, and introduced the "Airemov" -- a specially designed fabric.

The "Airemov" is a moisture-wicking fabric, and also has an increased elastane to allow wearers to move better and more comfortable.

"It quickly recovers its shape as you move," said Atsui co-founder Leslie Silvestre.

Silvestre noted that Atsui wanted to use the best fabrics to provide better support to the needs of its clients, especially those who are into high-performance activities such as boxing and crossfit.

Atsui, which is a Japanese word for "hot", is owned by Filipino couple Leslie and Homer Silvestre. Leslie, who trained for Pilates for several years, thought of coming up with a sportswear brand which will offer products that are not as pricey as those that are already available in the market.

The brand started in 2014 but had a re-launch this week as it launched its pre-holiday collection.

Three designs inspired by rivers were revealed during the pre-holiday collection launch.
* Huangpu - According to Atsui, this was inspired by the river in Shanghai. The company added that the design also highlights two cities in China -- Pudong and Puxi.

The owners were inspired by the historical architectures in Puxi, and the modern skyscrapers in Pudong.
* Sumida - This, on the other hand, was inspired by a river in Tokyo and of its nature.

* Cheonggyecheon - Inspired by the Cheonggyecheonriver in Seoul, the design also features patterns with a hint of technology, urban camouflage and topological maps.

At present, Atsui can be availed online at www.atsui.ph, and in activity centers such as Yoga+Express, Bikram Yoga Makati and Cebu, Bliss Yoga, and Yoga Hub Cebu.

By November, Atsui will also be available in Rustans and Shangri-La malls in Manila and Cebu. (Ma. Cristina C. Arayata/PNA)