MANILA -- Three days before the New Year’s Eve revelry, the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) has urged the public to use only allowed firecrackers and shun banned ones, or else face being fined or jailed.

DILG Officer-in-Charge Catalino S. Cuy said the government is serious in regulating firecrackers and would deal with those who do not abide by the law and regulations.

Taon-taon ay nag-aabiso tayo sa publiko tungkol sa pagbebenta at paggamit ng paputok. Kaya pasensyahan po tayo kung kayo ay mahuhuli at mapapatawan ng kaukulang parusa o makakaloboso (Every year, we are advising the public about the sale and use of firecrackers. Hence, forgive us if you would be caught and suffer the corresponding punishment or be jailed),” Cuy said in a statement Thursday.

Republic Act No. 7183 or “An Act Regulating the Sale, Manufacture, Distribution, and Use of Firecrackers and Other Pyrotechnic Devices” states that any person who manufactures, sells, distributes, or uses firecrackers and other pyrotechnic devices in violation of the provisions of this Act shall be fined from PHP20,000 to PHP30,000, or imprisoned from six months to one year, or both fine and imprisonment, at the discretion of the court.

The license and business permit of manufacturers of illegal firecrackers shall likewise be canceled and their inventory and stock confiscated.

However, Cuy said allowable consumer pyrotechnics or “pailaw” may be used outside places of residence.

Naglabas naman po tayo ng listahan ng mga firecrackers o pailaw na puwedeng gamitin. Huwag na po tayong gumamit ng bawal kung ayaw ninyong maperhuwisyo sa paglipas ng Bagong Taon (We have released a list of firecrackers or pyrotechnics which can be used. Let’s not anymore use those which are prohibited if you don’t want to be inconvenienced during the coming New Year),” he said.

RA No. 7183 provides that the manufacture, sale, and use of the following firecrackers are strictly prohibited: piccolo or “scratch bangers”, pop pop, Goodbye Philippines or Crying Bading, Yolanda or Goodbye Napoles, Watusi, Pla-pla, Giant Kuwitis, Watusi or “dancing firecrackers,” Super Lolo, Atomic Big Trianggulo, Mother Rockets, Lolo Thunder, Pillbox, Boga, Big Judah’s Belt, Big Bawang, Kwiton, Bin Laden, Kabasi, Atomic Bomb, Five Star, Og, and Giant Whistle Bombs.

All firecrackers with gunpowder exceeding two grams or 1.3 teaspoons are also banned.

Only the following firecrackers and pyrotechnics are allowed: baby rocket, bawang, small triangle, pulling of strings, paper caps, el diablo, and sky rocket (kwitis), sparklers, luces, fountains, jumbo regular and special, Mabuhay, Roman candle, trompillo, Airwolf, whistle device, and butterfly. (DILG PR)