DOH opens data sharing with UST

By Leilani Junio

March 23, 2018, 9:31 pm

MANILA --The Department of Health (DOH) is opening its doors of research data to the University of Santo Tomas College of Medicine in Manila.

"We are sharing our data with them (UST College of Medicine) on their research agenda which is valuable to major activities in their newly launched Master's Degree in Public Health International," said DOH Secretary Francisco Duque III in an interview with the media during his hospital visit.

Through the mutual data sharing and partnership with UST, Duque said he is optimistic that the DOH can come up with policies and programs that will create more impact to the health of the Filipino people.

He added that such data sharing can also be later shared with Congress to aid legislators in crafting effective health reforms.

During a recent symposium at UST in Manila, Duque expressed his intention to collaborate with different sectors, including UST.

"We need more participation and collaboration with sectors who are equipped with the right knowledge and skills and provide the synergy and complemention to push the agenda of universal health care. We need great minds thinking a lot to address the perennial problems that our country is facing right now. And participation and collaboration coming from the different sectors such as the private sector wandering the field of medicine, economy, and research and development can join and take part," Duque said in his speech at the symposium. (PNA)