AFP welcomes New Year with resolve, hopes of peace

By Priam Nepomuceno

December 31, 2018, 11:38 am

MANILA --- The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is welcoming 2019 by showing its resolve to serve and protect the Filipino nation and with hopes that enduring peace and development would finally come to the country, AFP chief-of-staff Lt. Gen. Benjamin Madrigal said Monday.

"Truly, 2018 has been a successful year for the Armed Forces as we fulfill our tasks within the national thrust towards just and lasting peace and development for the Philippines. As this year closes, the AFP will continue its resolve in serving the Filipino nation in achieving its mission of protecting the people and securing the state," Madrigal said in his New Year's message forwarded to reporters he added.

Madrigal also expressed hopes that 2019 will finally realize the long cherished dream of peace and progress in all parts of the country.

"The AFP welcomes the year 2019 with great hopes of enduring peace and development for our nation. We have gone a long way treading the path of peace and we are optimistic that the New Year will bring us closer to our common aspirations as the AFP continues to reap more successes in the performance of its mandate to protect the people and secure the state," he added.

And as the country celebrates the New Year, the AFP chief said he expects all soldiers, airmen, sailors, marines and civilian personnel to be reinvigorated and more eager to continue the significant gains that we have achieved in the past year.

"The AFP has made significant contribution to our country's peace effort in 2018 as it facilitated the end of conflict with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Moreover, our continuous focused military operations led to the countless surrender of communist rebels and supporters, the clearing of guerilla fronts, as well as the arrest of top NPA leaders and personalities. We hope that for their New Year's resolution, more and more NPA members will heed the call to lay down their arms and join the mainstream society in its nation-building efforts," Madrigal added. (PNA)