MANILA -- AboitizPower remains keen on investment opportunities outside the Philippines, its Chief Operating Officer Emmanuel Rubio said Tuesday.

Rubio told reporters that the company is still looking for investment opportunities in the power generation business in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

He said AboitizPower is currently doing feasibility studies and finding the right partners in those markets.

“We’re always in the lookout in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Myanmar. Until we get something concrete out of our business development group, I don’t think I can disclose any project, but we’re there in those countries,” he said.

“We’re just doing feasibility studies, looking for partners,” Rubio added.

He noted that it is crucial for the company to find the right partners who should have a good understanding about the local regulatory environment.

“We’ve realized that identifying the right partner is the key. You really have to be complementing and the values should be aligned. There are actually partners that we’ve identified outside,” Rubio said.

“Second, of course, is being able to understand the regulatory environment and be able to identify the risks present in those countries. Once we feel we can mitigate risks we’ve identified, if there are any, then I guess those are the key ingredients in getting to a country,” he added.

Rubio also mentioned that renewable energy projects will be the primary focus of AboitizPower in going to those countries, but the company remains “open to any opportunity” it may encounter overseas. (PNA)